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  1. Glad I moved to Florida so I don't have to deal with those swarms of murderous bugs- Oh wait
  2. Come down to Fort Lauderdale where the dew is 71 with a temperature of 88. We have low 90s for highs tomorrow and similar dews in the forecast and the nights haven't gotten below 70 in a long time. 80 degree lows are pretty commonplace in the summer from what I've heard. Love it here.
  3. I just got my first shot. I'm waiting for the bartender to come around with my 2nd shot.
  4. 81 here as of 10:28 AM. Supposed to get in the mid 80s today and around 90 tomorrow. The humidity here has been slowly increasing over the past couple weeks.
  5. I am enjoying every second of the warm weather down here. It's a mungo jerry weekend
  6. Today's high here is 91F. You'll be seeing the same forecast in about a month or so there, guaranteed
  7. Sunny and 66 degrees this lovely morning at my new home.
  8. Sorry but I haven't seen anything supporting blocking all month besides a 1-2 week period. Unsupportive polar vortex. I don't think anyone should be using the weeklies for anything, ever. took me forever to copy this link since I'm on the road right now to Florida and I still haven't figured out this new phone yet. I'm not sure why cold weenies are still going at it wishcasting dreary and cold weather all month but it ain't happening.
  9. Last 120 min up here before I move tomorrow. Farewell! It has been a pleasure. I will send pics when I arrive.
  10. The thing is, it will probably end up more muted as we get closer as there isn't much support for sustained blocking
  11. I get a brief taste of florida weather on Friday, then a cooldown. I move in a week and two days (April 2nd, Friday), i am excited.
  12. Finally going to rain tomorrow. Off and on for the next few days starting tomorrow, really. The last couple weeks of living in Goldsboro will likely be marked by sustained warmth. I have started to move my postings to SouthernWx. That's where I will mainly be posting.
  13. Wait, I thought winter was over.
  14. with a heat index of 60.
  15. What's @CAPE drinking right now on this lovely friday evening?
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