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  1. hurricane1091

    Parts 1 and 2 Obs - 2/10-2/12 Winter Storm

    Nothing interesting in GloCO from the time I woke up around 6:30.
  2. hurricane1091

    2/10-2/12 Winter Storm Threat

    Here in GloCo I'm expecting wave 2 to be a non event. Not even going to entertain it. 1-3 inches for the first wave.
  3. hurricane1091

    February Banter 2019

    Well, nothing in range for February. I'm OK with it, and actually am hoping for a warm up so we can do some fishing in March. We've had like no snow though so it has to fall eventually I figure. Watch March be miserable as a result.
  4. Big nothing burger in GloCo. Okay by me, can't work from home this week due to a conference.
  5. hurricane1091

    E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2018-19 OBS Thread

    Lol I want 60 degrees back already let's just move on Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  6. hurricane1091

    E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2018-19 OBS Thread

    I'll take the bet. No real snow will happen. I'm talking an all-snow, everyone in the region gets 4"+ storm. Not seeing it! Look at the weather pattern. You're going to end up praying for front/backend snow on a few occasions and everyone know that does not work out.
  7. hurricane1091

    E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2018-19 OBS Thread

    There's not going to be any real snow in the next 14 days. I won't even entertain some fantasy runs, they won't verify.
  8. hurricane1091

    Winter 2018/2019 Professional Met Forecasts

    We got it all in one shot late last year so I mean they were wrong but still "right"
  9. hurricane1091

    E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2018-19 OBS Thread

    It's so cold but we had 10 days of this last year.
  10. Nothing to report here. It will be all rain. RIP thread.
  11. hurricane1091

    January/February Medium/Long Range Disco

    No one ever knows... not sure why they even make predictions about winter in October. Last winter they came true because of ONE storm. Just lol. Forecasting is a joke now, they actually show you every model run on the news. Does anyone recall that 15 years ago? I honestly don't, not like today. There's more data ad everything is more complicated, but it doesn't seem to make predicting the weather any better.
  12. hurricane1091

    Winter Events Jan 17-20

    As soon as it started looking like freezing rain we should of all checked out. We don't get freezing rain like that here very often. It could of swing the other way I suppose but I'm not really surprised at any of this. Blame the people who yelled GREAT PATTERN two or three weeks ago. A great pattern doesn't include a decently positive NAO. Artic air, A negative NAO, and a solid Miller A on the models 10 days out would be grounds for excitement.
  13. hurricane1091

    Winter Events Jan 17-20

    Non event for me and I'm not mad. FRZ isn't fun. All the rain will freeze after the fact though, interested in seeing how that plays out.