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  1. Cold as a witches tit out there I tell ya what. Glad I did the yard work yesterday
  2. Not sure why there wasn't some sort of high wind advisory last night. Easily a 50+ mph gusts rocked my house and ripped the umbrella right out of the base and sent it flying into the neighbors yard. Easily the craziest gust I've ever experienced here and it was out of no where.
  3. I'm taking the boat cover off when I get back from Florida later this week. I'm confident this winter is done
  4. Shits over. Meteorological spring tomorrow. Bring on the warmth and sun and let the grass and the flowers and the trees come back to life and look beautiful again.
  5. 50 degrees and sunny here. Feels pretty good outside. Most of the snow is gone and the ground is pretty dry now. Great day to be alive.
  6. I identify as mid atlantic so I brought my presence here and it's made things fun for all! Daffodils popped up here yesterday, first sign of spring. Still keeping an eye out on the long term of course but looks good so far ☺️
  7. Get over it, meteorological spring is next week. This is a long term thread. Long term looks seasonal!
  8. Winter is done. Get ready to get your lazy bones outside and actually do things again.
  9. Put the registration stickers on my boat and new tag on the trailer. We're right around the corner folks let's go
  10. Enjoy the first taste of spring folks. Hopefully it's a sign of things to come!
  11. Coating of snow switching to rain now. Right on cue really.
  12. I'm excited to see the grass again lol. Surprises not necessary today
  13. Well it looks like winter is about done and we survived for warmer pastures yet again. I am looking forward to getting my trolling motor and new rod holders installed on the boat in a few weeks. Probably have her in the water by the end of March. Need to replace some of my azaelas and re-mulch. Some of them didn't survive. I had grass planted in the yard last fall and it was looking amazing before winter hit, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it ends up looking this spring. I'll probably strip the gazebo and stain it as well this spring. My batteries are just about recharged, I'm ready to get back to work!