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  1. Annnd now it's gone. I get an error message when I try to see the MCD.
  2. Either late fall after the other trees go dormant or early spring after the ground thaws but before the tree wakes up is what I have been told over the years. But really any time the ground isn't too hard to dig in the winter is fine too.
  3. Pulled this from the New England Forum. A tad wetter and r/s line a bit NW.
  4. Got pure sleet coming down in ithaca. Where'd the rain go
  5. https://weather.msfc.nasa.gov/goes/abi/goesEastfullDiskband14.html Here's one. Just click on Irma to center.
  6. Thanks... Too used to talking about Ontario and Erie
  7. What does that mean for the storm?
  8. German model's looking pretty again... ETA: here's a closeup
  9. The SREFs are a joke... I have seen it cause many a weenie's demise back in DC. The ARW members are always way overamped.
  10. The 4K nest and 3K parallel nest are both farther west than the 12K NAM FWIW... Just another wonky NAM run to put us on edge...