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  1. There was a tweet yesterday by them about how they found and fixed a bug in the Kuchera maps. Twitter is being slow for me right now so I can't pull it up.
  2. Pretty sure something like this happened for the March 2017 storm too. Man that was a fun storm. It was my first winter in Ithaca for college. Now I'm in St Louis and we call a dusting a major win. Miss the snow and glad you guys are cashing in again.
  3. It's probably Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis' which produces a sparse fall bloom.
  4. It was around 10:30. That was a 1.5s exposure. But yeah it's pretty dim.
  5. Was at Darnestown Park last night. Still kinda bright but I could barely make it out with the naked eye. Much better with binoculars. I bet if you went farther down route 28 you could find open fields that were darker.
  6. Little pop up cell just came through Bethesda with the most impressive winds thus far this year. Was over in about 5 minutes though
  7. Growing season hasn't started there yet.
  8. We also have a lot of violets. The most effective way is to probably remove them by hand with one of the stick weeders. The rhizomes are pretty shallow and easy to find. I've sprayed them with roundup before and they still came back so chemical control is pretty much a no go unless you want to repeatedly nuke with powerful herbicides.
  9. Mixture of grauple and needle like flakes in Ithaca. Mix line is still pretty far south on radar. Hoping for more snow than liquid down here but that may not happen with the traditional last second NW push.
  10. Annnd now it's gone. I get an error message when I try to see the MCD.
  11. Either late fall after the other trees go dormant or early spring after the ground thaws but before the tree wakes up is what I have been told over the years. But really any time the ground isn't too hard to dig in the winter is fine too.
  12. Pulled this from the New England Forum. A tad wetter and r/s line a bit NW.
  13. Got pure sleet coming down in ithaca. Where'd the rain go
  14. Thanks... Too used to talking about Ontario and Erie