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  1. The only saving grace during next month would be a SSWE like what the Tennessee Valley forums just discussed about the long range 06z GFS this morning.
  2. Only got 0.4" from today's "clipper".
  3. Won't be this Feb. Feb is 100% done. It'll have to wait until March for at least one more snowfall opportunity, but it's otherwise time to punt until 2022-23.
  4. Models are now wanting to sneak in another clipper for Monday. 00z GFS: 00z Euro: 00z NAM: 00z Canadian:
  5. 12z Euro: 12z UK: 12z Canadian: 15z RAP: 12z: HRRR:
  6. Clipper keeps getting shifted northward on the latest GFS, Euro, and NAM. 06z GFS: 00z Euro: 06z NAM: Still good on the latest UK and Canadian runs, as well as the recent extended HRRR (06z) and RAP (09z) runs. 00z UK: 00z Canadian:
  7. DAY got 0.8" of snow, highest snowfall of the season. Now at 1.7" for the season. Still waiting for the first 1+" snowfall.
  8. CPC has finally updated their MJO today. After recently reaching Phase 8, we have fallen into the COD for at least the remainder of this month.
  9. Shifted back West a little bit on 00z runs of the NAM, Euro, and Canadian models. 00z NAM: 00z Euro: 00z Canadian:
  10. Heading into the end of January, lock it in. :sarcasm
  11. February is supposed to suck next month. There have been a lot of talks about next month being very mild. We'll be paying for that next year.
  12. Already around the middle of the month, and I'm stuck with only 0.1" of snowfall for this month. This currently ties 1989 for 2nd least snowiest January.
  13. 00z Euro: Shifted back East on the 6z GFS: 6z NAM:
  14. Very little improvement on the 00z Euro: 00z Canadian:
  15. Regarding the final third of this month, according to Scott Sabol:
  16. Not only we're be going to end up with single-digit snowfall totals by March, but we may very well go for one of the least-snowiest Januaries and even one of the least snowiest Winters this year.
  17. Do we dare wait until at least next month for the first 1+" daily snowfall of the season? DAY's latest first 1+" daily snowfall is February 18, 1928 with 1.3". ONLY one time DAY ever failed to record a day with at least one inch of snow the entire season was 1918-19. The highest daily snowfall during 1918-19 was just 0.6" on both January 7th and February 8th of 1919. So far this season, DAY's highest daily snowfall is 0.4" on November 14, 2021.
  18. That's actually the 00z GFS map. Here's today's real 12z GFS map.
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