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  1. Already down to -15 here. Glad to be inside. Happy New Year!
  2. Haha yes my brother who’s visiting commented on how bizarre it is
  3. We’ve been below 0 for 51 hours now. Long stretch for sure
  4. Which translates to -29.5C. As a native European, that just pisses me off lol. Could have been an official -30!
  5. Snowing here too. Very small flakes
  6. The weird super light snow we’ve been getting got a little thicker... maybe it’s somehow related?
  7. Very weird light snow going on here. Almost like heavy angel dust - but definitely not angel dust. Partly cloudy sky and tiny tiny flakes, makes everything look hazy.
  8. Haha no I’m actually not much into extreme cold. I’d rather have the 20s and enjoy being outside. On that note, down to -8
  9. No kidding. We are down to about 15” of pack, although down the Notch towards Bartlett they never went above freezing and it’s getting pretty deep.
  10. Flurries/light snow to give a festive mood... but only a coating so far
  11. Up to 34F. Needless to say, freezing rain won’t be a problem here!
  12. So glad you’re having a good time! We were cloudy most of the day with flurries but when the rockpile showed up, it was gorgeous! Enjoy the upcoming storms...
  13. Heavy squall coming through here
  14. 1.3" of very crusty snow with some fluff on top since the frontal passage yesterday. Just very light snow this morning.
  15. And to illustrate that point, this is what the ski slopes look like right now from my house. It’s very volcano-like
  16. I *think* I had some this morning with 2 caveats - #1 we had a little fog earlier on (my spot has freezing fog almost every morning), so it could just be from that? #2 the resort has been making snow off the wazoo and we do get some tiny flakes that make it all the way here if the wind is right. But it didn’t seem like that was the case this morning
  17. 2.25" but that includes about 1.25" that we had gotten before the really heavy squall...
  18. Nope! I actually work for the American Heart Association, plus I own a vacation rental company, Bretton Woods Rentals. I work remotely but I'm in Longwood (Boston) at least a day almost every week.
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