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  1. 21 degrees and an occasional stray flurry. Looks like I'm in a relatively good spot for this one but good luck to us all!
  2. LIght snow all day. Maybe 0.00000000000001 accumulation so far. It's picked up the last 10 minutes though.
  3. Send some my way!!! Nothing here, just overcast. May be some flurries since the mountains around me look hazy, but can't even see them through the window if there are any.
  4. 225/night... But I'd give a discount to people on here of course.
  5. If anyone is interested, my place at 1250' in Bartlett, on the Jackson side, is available for rent (2 bedroom/2 bathroom). Was booked for the holidays since I'm out West but we had a last minute cancellation.
  6. Heavy squalls coming through now. Very windy, but looks like about an inch
  7. Squalls continue... still not adding up to much, maybe 1/4"
  8. There's some but it's patchy. Not much even in the ravines. Unbelievable.
  9. Same here. 36F at my house, 21F at Fryeburg
  10. Light snow has redeveloped here. Probably won't add up to anything but nice to see!
  11. Will precip fill back in? It pretty much stopped here after the flip...
  12. Seems to be clearing here, just as the snow line finally reached us. Just can't win! Maybe it will fill in a little as the low deepens?
  13. Finally snowing here (1250')!
  14. Very strange setup here. I can see snow all around me and the levels have dropped significantly - lower than my house across the valley, but I'm not even getting a flake or a drop. It's like there's a hole just around Jackson (Jackson Hole???)
  15. Snow levels are dropping rapidly around here. It seems to be just a few hundred feet above me now. Mostly drizzle/snizzle though at this point
  16. Some light snow has been developing around the peaks here... Nothing at my house yet
  17. Light snow at Bretton Woods (per cam, I'm in Cambridge at the moment)
  18. Thanks! Really love the place. I actually looked into a streaming cam at some point but it was a bit complicated to set up.... I'll look at the nestcam!
  19. Thanks! Really love the place. I actually looked into a streaming can at some point but it was a bit complicated.... I'll look at the nestcam!
  20. Flurries have intensified a bit here; looking down the notch you can see snow-covered trees just past Black Mountain, and the backside of Wildcat seems quite white. Might go for a ride later. I love my new digs - even though its only 1250 ft, it's really perched up, and it feels very mountainy. Picture from my window looking towards Mt Washington (which of course is completely hidden)
  21. 30F with flurries and a light dusting in Battlett. Looks like some much heavier showers further down Pinkham notch
  22. Looks like the freezing level is around 4000 per Mt Washington Auto Road profile... Also a good way to track changeovers!
  23. Those look like mums, kale and a rose bush... they'd be fine under a foot of snow