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  1. As much as folks always live and die by each model run, this event has the potential to be a top 10 of watching meh develop.
  2. 33º and rain for hours on end. A little sleet, snow, thunder and hail mixed in, but overall, blech.
  3. Had a little burst of hail for good measure.
  4. Still sleet here in the valley.
  5. .09" pure liquid so far. 34º and holding for now. Thinking I'm on the line here - right around 700'. Will see what tomorrow brings. Maybe NW CT and the Berks get the ice.
  6. Got up to 31º today. Best estimate is .3" of ice. Had a little snow/sleet mix in around 8:00 tonight, but other than that, been a steady freezing drizzle all day.
  7. Maybe 2" if I slant stick. Been mixing for a couple hours, finally settled in on sleet.
  8. I ws there too. Drove up the night before...rained all the way until Ayotte's, that's where it turned to snow. Almost nothing was open in the am because there was a skeleton crew and everything was buried. Amazing couple days of skiing once they dug out.
  9. Sarcasm is tough to read on the internet, right? Or is that really your call?
  10. Blizzard of '78. 2013 Blizzard, coupled with the snow depths that winter. October snow followed by Irene. Close to two weeks without power in a couple months. October 2005 flooding. Memorable because several roads in town were flooded, and I've never seen that around here before or since. 1973 ice storm...I have only vague memories of using a runner sled in my yard.....those things are useless without ice.
  11. It's not so much about cat 1 winds for OBX. A moderate storm surge combined with locally heavy rains could be an issue. I wouldn't expect a lot of structural damage due to winds from Dorian, but OBX is basically a few feet above seal level, and in the middle of the ocean.
  12. Cat 1 by noon tomorrow? Are you sure you dont want to edit your post?
  13. Josh and folks like him are a bit crazy IMHO (perhaps crazy isn't the right description). That being said, from a historical perspective, they provide invaluable documentation. Perhaps a couple people who might consider riding out a hurricane will see their videos and realize why evacuation orders are given even when a direct hit is not a certainty.