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  1. It's surprising how many people who are not teachers nor directly involved in education know so much about how teachers feel about in-person vs. remote teaching. It's also interesting how much people who have never really been involved with teachers' unions know about their activities.
  2. It's about protecting everyone and slowing down the spread. If you're referring to my post, my point is that when people are in direct contact with someone who tests positive, they have to quarantine. I didn't mention shutting down schools just to protect teachers and staff. When there are too many people who have to quarantine, sxhools shut down because there aren't enough people to supervise kids.
  3. As a teacher, I'm disappointed by folks who say I'll have parties if I want to. When someone in the school tests positive anyone whonhas been in close contact is sent home. Even if there are no cases spread apart from the one person who is positive, contacts are sent home as well. Schools in my neck of the woods that are closing are mostly doing it because too many staff members can't come in. One positive case case can send several staff members home. If people want to see schools stay open, they have to realize their personal choices affect others.
  4. I get the pushback, but cases are on the rise, as are hospitalizations. Widespread large family gatherings will likely make the numbers go up. We're all done with trying to cope with Covid, but government officials should just say forget about it and do whatever you want? As far as schools go, the goal is to make in person learning, as we now call it, as safe as possible. If there is a positive case, direct contacts of the person with a positive test result are required to quarantine. Just a few positive test results can mean that a whole lot of students and staff can't be at school. When you get enough staff members who can't be at school, you don't have enough adults to supervise/teach. There's also then need to contact every family and staff member to notify them that they may have been exposed, and answer questions. Two or three positive cases of Covid can result an administration spending a couple days of trying to figure out who was in contact with the person with Covid, and then trying to get in touch with everyone who needs to be notified. Toss in Hipaa laws, and nobody really knows who actually has been in contact with someone who tested positive. Teachers and administrators know that distance learning is not a good option, but no Superintendent wants their district to be responsible for a large school-related outbreak.
  5. I'd like to meet some of the folks here. Have to convince my wife I'm not a cast member of The Big Bang Theory.
  6. Got down to 29º last night. Your tropical climate is not a comparison for the rest of SNE ;-)
  7. 1.14" so far today here. Looks like it's about done.
  8. We put in a hearth when we built our house so we could put in a free standing wood stove. Had a logging company deliver a load of log length green hardwood for $800. Got a good 10 cords out of it. Lot of cutting and splitting, but oil heat can't compete with the heat a good stove puts out. It's not unheard of to open the windows when the stove is cranking and its 30° outside.
  9. I was wondering the same thing. Any chance for a couple decent cells tomorrow?
  10. 2.67" today. Mostly from the storm this afternoon.
  11. My home weather station says 81/76. Anyone else seeing an insanely high dew point, or do I need a new weather station?
  12. I'm at 1.9 for the day. Most of it came around 4-4:30 this afternoon.
  13. Pretty energetic cell just finishing up here. Decent winds, 1" of rain at least.