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  1. I'm vacationing on Hatteras Island. Very glad that Gert is heading ots.
  2. You don't necessarily need an expensive. If you get a good sprinkler and a timer you can effectively water your lawn. Last spring, when it was very dry around here, I reseeded and over seeded parts of my lawn. I made sure that the entire lawn got at least 2 hours of soaking every week. I did it section by section, ran the sprinkler for an hour at a time, and always waited at least an hour not running it before moving so my well could recover.
  3. That's Pond Factory. At least that's what everyone calls it. Nice area. Secluded and quiet but not remote.
  4. IMHO. when dews get into the 70's it's humid in the middle of summer. What lake are you on? I think you've mentioned it before, but obviously I forgot.
  5. They're terrible where I work in Brooklyn. I've only seen a few at my house in Woodstock Valley.
  6. Pretty meh imby.
  7. Check out timefortuckerman.org
  8. When it's really humid and lows are in the 70's I'm uncomfortable. I can tolerate cold temps, but I sweat like a pig when it's hot and humid. A ceiling fan suffices a lot of the time, but sometimes the ac is going to run.
  9. Timberline, the trail, was getting thin in spots. Most of the mountain has an impressive base. Unless there's a deluge or a few more days of stupid high temps, there's good turns into May.
  10. SL was incredible again today. Almost everything was open. Plenty of sun despite an ominous forecast a couple days ago. No crowds. Virtually no winds two days in a row.
  11. SL was incredible today. Snow was soft, but never turned to sloppy mush. Don't know why, because it was stupid warm. Waiting to see if tomorrow is too wet to bother buying a ticket. Legs hurt...almost hoping for rain.
  12. Quick downpour and some pea sized hail. Fairly meh.
  13. Expecting more mud in these parts. Mangled flakes and ice pellets looks promising for south of the Pike. Grass and tops of cars may accumulate an inch or two, but hard to see much else unless things change.
  14. Glad I'm not taking a crew of Girl Scouts form WeHa to Providence Saturday night. If it snows, it will take you longer to get there. If it doesn't snow, you still have to drive a bunch of Girl Scouts from WeHa to Providence and back.
  15. Someone needs a Snickers.