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Interior NW & NE Burbs 2022


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1 hour ago, gravitylover said:

We'll be out of town so it's do or die time, if it doesn't rain the entire garden will die. The peppers might make it but everything else is too water intensive, celery, squash, tomatoes, etc. 

You look to have a better chance of rain but we all know it’s impossible to pinpoint summer convection.  Low of 71 here, that’s how you know it’s hot, I almost always manage to get into the 60s. 

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I was looking at the archived Drought Monitor maps for this time of year, which go back to 2000. The first week in August of 2016 looked very similar to the current map but my records indicate that I wasn’t running a deficient in rainfall like this year. Think I lucked out with a couple storms back then, much like some have this summer. 

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The thing is this time it's dry a foot or more down. It's going to take a few wet weeks with a couple of multi-inch days mixed in to soak things down sufficiently. At this point I expect a terrible foliage season because the flora just can't produce the sugars needed for good color. My beans look like they're growing but they're half dessicated and tough skinned like leather. 

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21 hours ago, IrishRob17 said:

.14 earlier. So I lied, I’m not completely dry, apparently I’m heading to be the jackpot zone….aside from @snywx of course. 


6 hours ago, gravitylover said:

Looks like it drizzled, .03 :tomato:


4 hours ago, hudsonvalley21 said:

That beats me. About 4 maybe 6 drops here.

Good afternoon Rob, gravity,  Hudson. 0.0 for the postage stamp. It almost makes me wish that the third floor window would become active again. As always ….

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43 minutes ago, hudsonvalley21 said:

and I jumped in a lake in my back yard and was covered in dust. Those damm mirages. :lol: Only kidding. Had a few rumbles and a quick shower that put 0.02 in the bucket here yesterday.

Good morning Hudson. I know it’s time to turn on the A/C when I see Mr, B Franklin fiddling with a string and metal key in mine. As always…

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