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E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2021 OBS Thread


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22 minutes ago, KamuSnow said:

If the thumb on that hand stays up we might get something here. Feels like a long shot, but I hear an occasional rumble of thunder anyway.


It was all of 11 drops here. Looks like you’re in a better spot.

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Made it up to 88 here today and just got done a perfectly targeted pop-up shower (no convective thunder/lightning) to top off my hose-watering from Friday.  I got 0.33" from it and along with this morning's fringe popup, that makes it 0.36" so far for today.

Currently 80 and partly cloudy but the dp is is 77 (had already been in the mid-70s earlier).  :yikes:



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8 minutes ago, CoolHandMike said:

My parents are under that in SW ChesCo, they say it poured for a good long while this evening and now it's non-stop thunder and lightning.

Sounds like a blast, grass is getting brown and crunchy up here.

79F / DP 72F with critters talking back and forth...

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1 minute ago, KamuSnow said:

Good for them, as long as it's not too interesting. High and dry here, looking forward to some lower dewpoints tomorrow, maybe we'll be able to cool off in the shade.

Yeah, getting pumped August is almost here and we're in the home stretch of summer.

Atlantic City looks to be in for a party if those storms keep crawling east...


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21 minutes ago, Newman said:

Cooler stretch incoming to start August as a massive PNA spike will subsequently produce lower heights downstream and a NW flow across the NE. Fall is coming and I can't wait!



Yes please! Looking at spending nearly all of August in the field.

Currently IMBY:


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17 minutes ago, CoolHandMike said:

Forum's quiet today, just like the weather. On track to hit 90+ for the third day in a row here, but at least it's slightly less humid than it has been.


Chance of storms tomorrow and a better chance Thurs then a cool down. 

Summer is pretty boring weather wise unless T-storms/tropical systems are around....it's just boring repetitive lazy/hazy days w/nothing to talk about.

88F / DP 67F

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As I talked about yesterday, the PNA spike will result in downstream troughing across the Eastern US. The Euro and GFS both have some sort of coastal storm (weaker as of now) as a rather strong upper level jet streak will likely introduce cyclogenesis in the right entrance region along the coastline. It's very similar to something you'd see in winter, not as often in July/August as it's tough to get troughing all the way down to the Gulf Coast.




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