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Interior NW & NE Burbs 2020

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Pretty cool vis sat loop this afternoon. That SW>NE boundary is fun to watch. 

It kinda feels like it wants to snow some more, the clouds have lowered and thickened and it just has that feel to it.

Who wants to go for a mt bike ride tomorrow?


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13 hours ago, IrishRob17 said:

When will winter make its return this season?  Will @BxEngine learn some humor?  How was @Juliancoltons big firework show?  Welcome one and all to this years burbs thread!

The folks hosting the party asked if I could be ready at 11 since people were getting tired... then they asked if I could be ready at 10. Everyone out the door and on their way to bed by 10:30. One thing about old folks is they know how to run NYE. :thumbsup:

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Well that was the shortest winter in a while. The forest is starting to wake up with new greenery and even some flowers popping.

Here's an odd observation - When the early month cold snapped last month most of the ponds and reservoirs had little to no ice other than in shallow coves but over the last 2 weeks that ice has expanded and in a lot of cases is nearly complete on the more sheltered ponds. This ice growth happened while we stayed above freezing for 8 days! I'll be curious to see how the warmth and rain today and tomorrow affects it but the last one had no effect at all, the ice kept growing.

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1 hour ago, gravitylover said:

Yup, I grilled last night and probably will again tomorrow. 

It's kinda nice out there right now and looking like it's just gonna get better. What should today's outdoor activity be? 

Biking in shorts.

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