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  1. No trees etc.. delawAre River in viewv
  2. Weather station..20 yards from the top
  3. Looking East at the ridge line in vernon/highland lakes
  4. Was up at night point nnj state park yesterday..few photos was nice
  5. No bust. looking at records my 0.9 inches of snow will be in books long past my life. honestly...I was outside on my deck looking up at the snow pouring down that night knowing this is a big deal. still in shock & aw
  6. I can tell you. slow process to shut down & global travel. plus nyc is heavy with population. Most of nj was infected by nyc travelers & the usa
  7. Latest from nj
  8. Sorta incredible at Mt Washington
  9. Sorta of a bust by nws. had numerous snow showers late afternoon. around 8 pm had a decent bust of snow that coated the deck & car tops
  10. He is trolling or did not buy the models. i am still shocked about the past 2days. Something that I will not forget In weather related conversations