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  1. What’s is showing? Still feel good the southern snow bet 5-8.. no complaints this storm.. honestly if sleets.. so be it.
  2. Nah..she moved to Tennessee ..Knoxville we don’t think we see each other again per her..it’s hard for me to say that...she wanted more than I was ready to give etc. it upsets me to hear someone say that etc.
  3. It’s hooters the band from philly too.!!
  4. First call wilmingto de(city) 10 inches my house - 11 inches oxford,pa - 7 inchrs pauls house - 8 incjes phl - 10 New hope, pa - 13
  5. Nah.. I feel good about this storm. the last storm was a bust on my street. Can’t help it if people get their panties in a bunch over a bust thread. My area got screwed.
  6. Sorta what I was thinking. Tomorrow it may be a foot..
  7. All 12z model runs are big today. Hoping we get some nw bumps..
  8. Yea it’s a mixed bag..rain, sleet and some flakes.
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