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  1. Hope you are right..get that north trend.
  2. Ralph no fun talk snow..I am a really person n..yup
  3. Howdy..looking back at my records. Snow season will be low. If history’s reports February. 13-20 of snow..highland big snow February
  4. Bro it’s awful...sick and tired of Ralph and Paul tell okay. Ralph is a mess that lives in a bungalow. I respect Paul for his stuff.
  5. Failure is this winter. sick and tired of being I got 2 inches of snow above the lines. anyone that things this winter normal fu
  6. Saw even mt holly NwS is tracking no snow and warm temps. go back to ure cave..this is not normal. thinking we get snow in February
  7. It’s warm today..going cut the grass as it continues to grow. wash the car etc. Shorts today with a solid sweatshirt is the clothing.
  8. Valid points..I am aware of climo in the southern snow belt. Just seems incredibly mild this winter and lots of rain so far.
  9. No offense my friend...I have been hearing this for weeks. Always 7 days away.
  10. Seriously the local weather is now similar to Baltimore and Washington DC. Thinking of just running my cars is the driveway 24/7 to increase global is going on with no winter weather.
  11. snow on my street for weeks..
  12.’s been so warm in my area, I can literally wear shorts in the afternoon and a solid sweatshirt to walk the dogs. Sorta feels like a Richmond Virginia winter.