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  1. Greetings all, just got back to the philly area after a long stay in our sister state. located in the southern snow belt in Upper Chichester...booths corners is just down the road!! how much rain are we tracking this winter?
  2. Need to review the radar. Possible straight line wind damage.
  3. Walt, I am confident a twister hit highland lakes sweeping the tree tops. my house lost 6 tree tops...I have photos. Micro burst or twister people nears my house lost tree tops ..tops of trees
  4. It’s actually rough up here. got photos of streetS when the storm hit. Debris everywhere 1/4 mile area through the ridge trees tops killed. Straight line winds killed areas up here. no news etc
  5. Feel confident that Highland Lakes on the ridge line has an extreme burst of mixing that hit 1/3 mile area by 3 miles. my yard got thrashed with stuff..crows fly lots more. photos to follow
  6. Still around 800 meters no power in highland lakes . Apparently crews from Pennsylvania are on site. Recording indicated hit hard with numerous telephone poles and trees down. Rt 515 still closed. Lots of tree damage.
  7. Lots of trees down on the ridge line in highland lakes. Seen a few homes in bad shape due to trees. No power
  8. Crushing me. only 0.70 of rain interesting aspect is radar indicates very heavy rain...just not seeing it. wind blowing decent
  9. My forecast is for almost 4 inches of rain....sort smells of rain outside!!
  10. Most recent hrrr run has most of heaviest rain falling in Pennsylvania
  11. Tornado watch Sussex, Passaic & Bergen counties