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Carvers Gap

Spring/Summer Banter Thread 2019

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3 hours ago, Holston_River_Rambler said:

We have a funeral compilation video: 

 Probably one of many, lol 

When the Euro core is finally put to bed, the great non-storm of Charlotte(remember those 40+" feedback amounts!?) from several years ago should be included in its eulogy.  I shared this with a friend of mine who works for ESPN...not sure he has spoken with me since then.  LOL.  The old GFS snow algorithm should be kept.  Always felt like I was living in the Sierra Nevada with each run's clown map...when in reality it was more like Myrtle Beach.  Basically I could pretend that I was driving a Ferrari but really it was just a Pinto.  This new core must be like driving _______(can't think of a car worse than a Pinto)....maybe a Yugo???

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This video by Pecos Hank discussing super computer mesocyclone and tornado genesis with Dr. Leigh Orf is an absolute must watch:

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