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  1. I've noticed that on the last several runs. Quite a few of them
  2. I second that. Been following this thread for weeks but finally logged in. Models definitely have been agreeing on somewhat of an event.
  3. Past this storm, looking waaaaaay out to next weekend, there seems to be some similarities with a system between the FV3, GFS, and CMC. Still far out but still worth watching
  4. Looking out past this storm, the GFS, CMC, and FV3 GFS are showing something possible next weekend
  5. Yeah, would definitely be nice to see a few flakes later today!
  6. Interesting storm possible on Wednesday and Thursday for parts of Central and Southern Arkansas, especially on the last few runs
  7. Wow if that happened, that would really be amazing
  8. That was quick, nicely done mods lol
  9. How are the ensembles generally looking for central Arkansas? Noticed the NAM shift south but then again it's the NAM 84 hours out lol