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  1. Sunshine and blue skies here in Tusculum just east of Greeneville here in Greene County at the moment
  2. Hey Carver! I'm still here on the forum and just enjoy everyone's opinions and trying to learn from you all. Greene County and its topography can definitely produce a wide variety of snow outcomes across the county. It is fascinating, but frustrating when it works against you on getting snow IMBY. Wishing everyone luck as we try to reel this next system in!
  3. I picked up 1-2 inches here in Greeneville night. Think it was closer to 2 inches. Hard to get an accurate measurement with the previous day’s snow underneath. However last night’s snow was more than what we got the day before so I will take it! Nothing like a pretty snow to get your day started.
  4. Agree Blue Ridge. Driving 5 miles out of Greeneville on hwy 11E toward Johnson City was crazy. It’s amazing the difference in snow totals from my house to there. I believe downsloping really got the foothills. When folks I work with complain about the weather forecasters and snow calls...I always tell them you don’t understand how difficult our topography makes it to forecast snow in our region. Hats off to the folks on the forum for the knowledge you all share and to our local Mets who have a difficult job this time of year.
  5. At my house in Greeneville, measuring 3/4 of an inch on deck. Disappointing here but I always knew we would be on the fence compared to TRI. I’m about to head out for a drive in a little bit to check other areas around. I guarantee the northern end of Greene County has done much better than I have. Congrats to all who’ve cashed in on the snow.
  6. Questions guys...when was the last Miller A snow storm for East Tennessee?
  7. Huge flakes have been falling in Greeneville the past hour or so. I had about an inch on the deck at 8:00 AM. The huge feather flakes started falling shortly after that measurement. Just measured on deck at 9:30 and now have 2 inches of fluff. Those large high ratio flakes can add up in a hurry.
  8. Just an unbelievable experience. Been on the road for over 4 hours and just don't care. Those of us that got to experience this have been blessed! And I still can't believe how perfect the weather was! Just amazing!
  9. Just passed through Maryville cruising down hwy 411 now. Traffic moving well. Following a car from Connecticut....just amazing that this is in our backyard.
  10. Really appreciate your insight nrgjeff!!! I had plans to be in Tellico Plains for the event but could do an adjustment this weekend. Do you think Tellico Plains at the foot of the mountains will possibly be a bad spot for cloud formation? Again...thanks for your input!
  11. Picked up about 6 inches here at my house in Greene County. Congrats to all those receiving snow...good to get on the board with a good snow here in early January!
  12. waltrip


    Sitting at 3 inches of snow here in Greeneville. We've had a band move back in with some moderate snow. Congrats to all on the snow.
  13. waltrip


    The first picture was taken during the snow we had this morning. The second picture happened just a few minutes ago as a snow band rolled through. It was almost a total white out for a few minutes.
  14. waltrip


    Moderate to heavier snow the last 2 hours in Greeneville. Right at an inch accumulation so far. Temperature sitting at 22.
  15. Great to see this sub forum! Exciting to see weather talk concerning us folks on the west side of the mountains. Job well done on getting this going.
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