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  1. IIRC DTX was thinking 8-10:1 ratios, so the 10:1 map is probably much closer to reality. But still time for a NW adjustment.
  2. GEFS very similar to 18z. Still plenty of good hits
  3. 18z GEFS are a tick south of 12z...Hopefully op run was just a blip
  4. Ice storm warning was a huge bust here. Forecast was for .5 - .75 inches...ended up with a very light glaze and some sleet. Can't say i'm too upset though, it would have been rough with 35+mph gusts.
  5. Finished with around 8.5". Stepping outside this morning it really felt like January.
  6. Euro finally caved to the GFS for the Wednesday system. Still looks like a fairly wide band of 2-4/3-5".
  7. GFS and FV3 are showing a 3-5" type event for next Wednesday, but the Euro has been much less bullish. Could be a nice refresher after the rain wipes out the remaining snowpack.
  8. The 12z Euro had widespread 55-60mph gusts in SMI and into northern IN/OH, which was a solid uptick from the 00z. High winds are fun but i'm not looking forward to a potential power outage.
  9. From DTX: Picked up around 1.5" here, and had pretty good rates for about 20 minutes. Might grind out another half inch...
  10. Euro takes it from STL-LAF-CLE. Nothing like the GFS but there is a narrow band of 6-10".
  11. Ended up with ~0.10" of ice, along with probably .75 of sleet. Based on power outages, it looks like GRR had more significant ice.