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  1. GGEM is north as well. 997mb near Sandusky.
  2. 4km NAM pretty similar to 12km:
  3. 12z GEFS look better than 6z
  4. Euro looks a bit west.
  5. The NAM doesn't go far enough out to see what the Thursday storm does.
  6. Both models are still showing around 3 inches...let's hope it holds.
  7. I just want 0.4" out of this so FNT can break the snow record.
  8. 5.1 inches here so far. Still coming down.
  9. Yeah, I feel your pain. Shoveling sucks, but it'll all be over soon.
  10. South? Come on, we only need 6 more inches to break the record. We might as well get it done.
  11. Probably just a typo. I think they meant Owosso for both of them anyway.
  12. I just looked at the WWA...It says Owosso to Sandusky line.
  13. 18z GFS doesn't even show 6 inches for almost all of SEMI. Lol
  14. Yeah, if we can get close with this storm, chances are high the record would be broken. But of course, you never know. I don't think FNT's going to "jackpot" this one. Probably too far north for that....Unless the NAM could be right for once...
  15. Does anybody think FNT could break the all-time snow record with this one? Only 5.7 inches is needed. I think that we will probably be a bit too far north for that much, but we should be able to get a few inches.