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  1. December 24-25 Snow Potential

    3.25" here, pretty boring overall with the light rates and small flakes, but great timing
  2. Winter Storm March 1st-2nd (Part 2)

    GGEM is north as well. 997mb near Sandusky.
  3. Winter Storm March 1st-2nd (Part 2)

    4km NAM pretty similar to 12km:
  4. Possible winter storm March 1st-2nd

    12z GEFS look better than 6z
  5. Potential major winter storm - Feb 24-25 PART II

    Euro looks a bit west.
  6. Winter 2015-16 Medium-Long Range Discussion

    The NAM doesn't go far enough out to see what the Thursday storm does.
  7. April 13-15 Snow Threat

    Both models are still showing around 3 inches...let's hope it holds.
  8. April 13-15 Snow Threat

    I just want 0.4" out of this so FNT can break the snow record.
  9. March 11-12th Winter Storm Part 2

    5.1 inches here so far. Still coming down.
  10. March 11-12th Winter Storm Part 2

    Yeah, I feel your pain. Shoveling sucks, but it'll all be over soon.
  11. March 11-12th Winter Storm Part 2

    South? Come on, we only need 6 more inches to break the record. We might as well get it done.
  12. March 11-12th Winter Storm Part 2

    Probably just a typo. I think they meant Owosso for both of them anyway.
  13. March 11-12th Winter Storm Part 2

    I just looked at the WWA...It says Owosso to Sandusky line.
  14. March 11-12th Winter Storm Part 2

    18z GFS doesn't even show 6 inches for almost all of SEMI. Lol
  15. March 11-12th Winter Storm

    Yeah, if we can get close with this storm, chances are high the record would be broken. But of course, you never know. I don't think FNT's going to "jackpot" this one. Probably too far north for that....Unless the NAM could be right for once...