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  1. Was just thinking about Erie, Princeton area, what a bullseye!
  2. Evidentially, a la carlaws (Carlaw at LOT) (in the last storm this came up in the discussion) ice accretion paper, winds backing off bodes poorly for ice accumulation because it allows for more run off. (And for other reasons I won’t even try to understand).
  3. ZR in the norther metro. Not good. Only about 90 mins of this tho.
  4. In the Glenview Northbrook area it’s snowing between moderate and heavy, and I’m guessing there’s about 2 1/2 inches on the ground. Although I may be off because it’s also quite windy
  5. I’m just more inclined to like the euro. Just makes more logic. Gradually increasing amounts, as waa slowly advances northward.
  6. Yeah, a sneaky (or not too sneaky) warm layer would portend sleet? I know the question is how much snow before changeover but at 775, even the smallest warm layer could screw up the whole calculation .
  7. (Couldn’t get into my account till now) This completely sums up my thoughts. Although, hate to see us miss 18 inches— have a couple reasons why I think there’s a slim chance eastern Wisconsin will get close. But yeah, someone is getting something they don’t expect.
  8. Yeah I think you and the rest of the world are certainly in agreement there.
  9. I'd post pictures but I'm on my phone. This really is starting to look like a big ice maker for a large portion of WI. Windy as well-- this may be really bad for quite of a lot of you north of chicago-- unless it ticks south some more.
  10. I might finally get my high wind warning lol!
  11. Actually considering doing a chase for this storm. If it comes a wee bit further east-- it'll be worth my while.
  12. I wish it would come to the greater chicago metro. Oh well, we've had are cake so to speak.