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  1. Thanks. I’m driving and technologically inept. Bad combo. Driving northeast toward MI, I figure if I get back at 2am it was worth seeing a blizzard. (I’m staying in central Wisconsin anyone for the time being)
  2. About 20 miles north of Wausau Wisconsin currently, and it quickly went from a gentle mix to this:
  3. I have some chronic conditions, so I’ve isolated myself in an old trailer that my grandfather used to live up in the middle of Wisconsin to try to get away from the metro area. I feel fine but due to hoarding I can’t get much food! Unreal how people can buy up supplies.
  4. Actually a bit impressed with this given the 18z guidance. I think we’re going hit are 1-3...
  5. I don’t think it’s even going to precipitate here in the far(ish) northern Chicago metro. Latest HWRF didn’t even bring snow to ORD.
  6. Always try and support you guys in the comments as much as I can. You wouldn’t believe that people can get so worked up about a forecast map. Isc was the ONLY forecasting agency (from everything I looked at) that went conservative. And that wasn’t an easy choice with the euro and the NAM and even the GFS showing big snows.
  7. That is such wishful thinking. this winter is like the last hundred years before 2016 for Cub fans. There’s always next storm.
  8. I hope. I'd believe it when I see it but I'll just silently hope.
  9. This is truly the biggest disappointment. I don't remember the last time there was so much agreement and then it craps out at the last second. Way to go Ukie.
  10. Interesting thing. The Lake Enhancement end of this is so evident on every single model no matter the resolution. I wonder how that has an effect on 1. Snow ratios and 2. Intensity. We've all seen that mixed flake size stuff-- so its really just a thought.
  11. Not too shabby! Looks good for the first/last WSW event. I miss the really big stuff but that's just being both nostalgic and greedy.
  12. Yeah. Pretty much. Not the same evolution but it is a bit later.
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