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  1. Shot this yesterday during sunset as the storms pulled away.
  2. Maybe parts of the City will get lucky with the northern part of that line.
  3. Too Cloudy and the moon is around 60%. Also the same meteor shower happens every summer.
  4. Not the best photo due to raindrops on the lens but here is a photo this morning from liberty state park looking south.
  5. HRRR shows that outcome as well. I am looking to get some lightning photos. Maybe I will head south a bit instead of my usual spot in Jersey City
  6. Looks like the line is splitting. New York City may end up in the middle of two cells.
  7. Thanks for the help. I went to the Catskills instead of the Adirondacks because the Aurora Borealis was dying down pretty quickly. I caught a few shots right before it quit for the night.
  8. What is the best short term model to forecast cloud cover? I have been using the HRRR but not sure how accurate that is. There is currently a solar storm in progress and the Aurora Borealis will be visible from New York State. I have photographed this many times but it looks like the further north tonight the more cloud cover there will be. I was hoping to head to the Adirondacks but weather conditions look to be better closer to the Catskills.
  9. Wonder if that batch around Trenton can strengthen as it moves towards the east
  10. But at least people can go to battery park and enjoy themselves. The Hudson has all that park property along the West side highway. From battery park you would have great views from Staten Island, Brooklyn and NJ. People still watch fireworks from Battery Park and Brooklyn. Jersey city began doing their own fireworks show a few years ago when the Macy's firework show was moved from the Hudson River back to the East River. They go off at the same time and are just as long in duration. It's pretty cool watching both from jersey go off at the same time.
  11. Severe Thunderstorm Warning Issued...
  12. Photo I took of tonight's full moon from jersey looking over brooklyn.
  13. Hoping for some lightning tonight
  14. Latest HRRR has some weak storms making into the area.