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  1. Wonder if that batch around Trenton can strengthen as it moves towards the east
  2. But at least people can go to battery park and enjoy themselves. The Hudson has all that park property along the West side highway. From battery park you would have great views from Staten Island, Brooklyn and NJ. People still watch fireworks from Battery Park and Brooklyn. Jersey city began doing their own fireworks show a few years ago when the Macy's firework show was moved from the Hudson River back to the East River. They go off at the same time and are just as long in duration. It's pretty cool watching both from jersey go off at the same time.
  3. Severe Thunderstorm Warning Issued...
  4. Photo I took of tonight's full moon from jersey looking over brooklyn.
  5. Hoping for some lightning tonight
  6. Latest HRRR has some weak storms making into the area.
  7. I'm hoping for some shots
  8. Yep. Looks like we will get rocked by those thunderstorms as well
  9. This was a series of 15 second photos (294 of them). I use software to combine them all together to make a smooth video out of all the stills. Most of Long Island is pretty bright but if you take a look at a light pollution map, the east end is real dark.
  10. A recent timelapse video I completed from Eastern Long Island at Orient Point.
  11. A recent timelapse i did from Orient Point Long Island
  12. Straight pingers in Jersey City.