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  1. Thought you went to bed? Jesus, I hope this type of crap doesn't go on all day.
  2. Yep. It's crazy that the storm is over and all you got was rain...oh wait...
  3. Surprised to see NBC have most of Jersey, NYC and LI under 10-15" of snow.
  4. Was going to say the same thing. I'm charging my DSLR, GoPro and drone batteries now. Tomorrow should bring in some great footage
  5. Take it easy and please for the love of God leave it to the more seasoned guys to to PBP. We don't need all the bickering clogging this thread like last week.
  6. #AlternateWeather lol
  7. I think he is weatherfeen
  8. You are acting like this is a blizzard or something. No matter how you cut it, this isn't a big event. Lucky if anyone in the city sees more than an inch.
  9. It's not convective
  10. I got that too but had to refresh and it fixed
  11. Speaking just like tonylovessnow
  12. Has anyone sent a well written email to the NWS Upton and CC the Central Park folks?
  13. *Mic drop*
  14. But you said it's dead...and a few days ago your call was even bigger.