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  1. Straight pingers in Jersey City.
  2. I wouldn't call yesterday's shift west obvious
  3. I thought accumulations didn't make or break a blizzard
  4. Forth. He needs to give up.
  5. I work on the Staten Island Ferry. I'll keep you posted tomorrow.
  6. Who said this is supposed to be a high level weather board? A weather board is just a weather bored. Some People take things way too seriously.
  7. They suspended above ground subway trains.
  8. Are you doing it at home with a constant power source or swapping batteries instead? Always curious at what other people do during these snow storms.
  9. I do astrophotography too. Agreed, depends on the snowfall rates.
  10. Why do people say "this is a now cast storm"? Isn't very storm a now cast storm once it arrives? Lol
  11. 10-14 is a good call for the city. We won't really know for sure where the deformation bands setup until the storm gets closer.
  12. Surprised ABC is so conservative. Especially with end time.
  13. Thank god you've awaken. Phew.
  14. Agreed. Too many guys ready to jump off the GWB. Let the dynamics play out.
  15. Blizzard warnings now up for the area.