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  1. Did you see totality during the total solar eclipse after that appointment? Traffic wasn't as bad as thought and it may have been possible to race to it.
  2. I was pondering this yesterday. I have never seen a tropical cyclone RI when moving over 20 knots and especially not 23 knots. It would be an unique happenstance if Nate did it but when I saw the 5:15 - 6:15 UTC frames come in early this morning my enthusiasm for the idea was dashed. That was the exact time when Nate signaled that steady to quick strengthening was on the menu. That might be the fastest rate possible (increase of 35 knots in 24 hours) for a TC moving 23 knots forward speed. EDIT: Yes I see what was just posted above me lol. I think we're so used to explosive rates that what is RI and what is not is skewed now. I was thinking rate increases of 20 knots in 6 hours when I posted.
  3. My anomalies here are likely even more absurd. So far (and its only 1:30 pm), I'm at 31ºC with a humidex of 38!! That's a record for sure. Phenomenal heatwave that is way longer than I would normally think in late Sept. Latest so hot humidex and temp on top of that. Toronto reached 33.1ºC yesterday IIRC - their hottest temperature of the year so far (!!!) and beat the old record by 2-3ºC. Also the hot spot in all of Canada. Just incredible and a Top 2 event for 2017 locally.
  4. I screencapped the whole NHC front page for the 11:00 pm EDT cycle. Unbelievable!! The level of action in the Atlantic during the last 48 hours is astounding.
  5. Is it the same guy who said s*** twice last night on his show when talked to by Bill Wier? That was funny, after the first the bar owner kept talking as usual and then just slipped in another later - Bill then said okay we have to end this now .
  6. Everywhere I look I see outlets and people exclaim this hurricane to be the most powerful hurricane in the "Atlantic" in history. If the GOM and Caribbean weren't in existence than yes it would be. The play on words is causing everyone to think this is stronger than Hurricane Wilma - very unfortunate and cringey. The measure of strength for tropical cyclones is pressure but the general populous doesn't really know that. I'm already seeing the clichés abound despite avoiding reading much today online - unbearable seeing predictable drivel. Should've done this Wednesday but better late than never - In before the "Could've been worse" and "Dodged a bullet"! Those main 2 have company with these: "sigh of relief", "good thing", and "Miami got lucky",
  7. Are the HMON and HWRF models still "uncoupled" from the ocean? HMON has a 869 mb tropical low just south of the keys.
  8. I notice the SHIPS intensity forecast gets Irma only to 110 knots and then leaves it there...also that there is complete silence on the SHIPS output. That's another bizarre solution. I think the real question with some models uncoupling the ocean, some of us want to know why it happened on the 18z run but not some other run.
  9. I await the 00z HMON where it will take Irma down to 845 mb. Which Bahama island will experience the 85 foot storm surge?
  10. After having a good laugh with the 18z HMON run, I wondered why it uncoupled from the ocean and what exactly that means. If its a serious model and not in experimental mode what's the deal? You could tell it was glitched just by the equal drops of pressure (4-5 mb) in 3 hr increments. Other runs by it and the HWRF show it going sub-890 mb for more than a few runs...were those all bugged too?
  11. If its sub-900 mb the swath of hurricane force winds and CAT3+ winds would be immense. Just a few mb away from Hurricane Wilma at her peak. A pressure down to 885 mb in that part of the Atlantic basin would be ludicrous.
  12. I think I came across something on eclipsewise.com that does that. I don't know what kind because I quickly went through some sites yesterday.
  13. Oh boy. Another thing is I noticed a lot of folks on ABC's coverage at least not always using their solar glasses to look at the partial eclipse...even the reporters and anchors (one woman was pulled off camera!). I've been reading that even those with the solar viewers in hand and on head got caught with their pants down for a few seconds. They would either not realize it or the desire over-rode their sense. I saw the shadow sweep across the country on GOES-16 satellite using satsquatch.com/map/ and it was pretty neat. Even southern Ontario got dark.
  14. I was at 71.2% and I noticed a change like a cooler breeze and it got dimmer. Its getting to normal brightness now. My solar eclipse glasses worked perfect and saw my first partial. That was pretty cool and makes me want totality even more now! Chile 2019! I saw what Carbondale had...dang! Surprises in a few spots like Charleston SC. Now we see if there is a mass gridlock anywhere.
  15. I'm sorry to hear that. Would this have been your first totality?
  16. After coming to the realization I couldn't make it for the 2017 solar eclipse I started thinking about Chile in 2019...not waiting 7 years on a likely cloudy April day. I have no idea how an eclipse trip like Chile would be.
  17. Are you still going to that appointment on Monday before the eclipse?
  18. For those sleeping in their car for 1 or some of the days of traveling, where would you park for the rest? When I was looking past and future eclipse maps I noticed different spreads of band width of totality which I guess is when the moon is further away or closer. However some tracks at the mid-latitudes are really wide (300 miles or more) and I have no idea why. When looking at the database of all annular and total eclipses there would be mostly annular ones that are half circle (close to the poles) but a few where total eclipses that had the half circle! What's the reason?
  19. If you think this August stinks, wait til you hear about the one we had in 2014! That crap sucked harder than my new vacuum cleaner (and that machine lifts the carpet when in use).
  20. Thought of that this afternoon, we can already see what systems could impact the eclipse on the 16th day of the run. So the first frame of a model showing eclipse weather (hour 384) will be tomorrows 12z run then? I don't see any talk about the Euro weekly ensembles which we know gives us a hint for pattern. I'm surprised those weren't going for over $1000. My feeling is Carbondale will be inundated with Chicago residents. I also heard that there were still spots in totality path with vacancies which totally floored me; and weren't overly expensive either. I would have been willing to drive 200 miles out of the path just for a room. I'm unsure if this is uncouth, but what are the best communities online for this? I'm most interested in following those who are last minute planners and don't have a room, how they make out and what they experience in the journey.
  21. I didn't know there were 3 . Also early in the day making that a special WNY moment.
  22. I saw that on GRLevel 3 when I was following the storms in ON. The purple triangle had a 9 in it which must mean something. Are you familiar with the spot where that viral video of the car getting lifted briefly was captured?
  23. Even as the heat monger that I am, this temperature and humidex/HI regime is fine by me despite not getting anywhere near the levels down in the midwest.
  24. With the weather advantage, all of the eclipse experts have all the sophisticated weather resources you would want, there are special weather products coming just for the eclipse from various people including a met here in Canada. The average viewer may not use or know about the various sites that will start operational forecasts, but all the experts will. I have to keep reminding myself its not just weather systems and pulses, its plain clouds that might form which is far more insane to pinpoint to the exact spots within 1 minute intervals. Even if your very close to the path of totality (in IN), there is no chance you will make it if you have an appointment at 10 am (even a 30 min drive). The traffic gridlock will be beyond anything you can envision. I think it'll be the worst in southern IL and MO but in places like OR the emergency management for that state who aren't blowing hot air, state if you live 2 hours outside the 70 mile path - leave SATURDAY evening to get there at 11 am MONDAY on the west coast. So a 2 hour drive would take 32-36 hours!!! No one really knows what's going to happen but once there was a 3 day traffic jam in China so its not impossible to get this kind of traffic. I woke up one day with that question and read that if its a dense overcast during totality it will be so dark you won't know your way around. Can't say if that's true for certain.
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