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  1. 12/21 or 12/23 please, never made one of these in my 5 years in Boston since I’m always traveling and am again this year but I’ll be back by then and would love to finally meet some folks in person. First weekend in December would work well too.
  2. I’ll be in line at superbravo by 7:55. Hope the winds aren’t too horrible Thought I saw some flakes mixing in Copley but could have been a mirage.
  3. @powderfreak is this one of those upslope situations where Sugarbush is worth the extra 45 mins over Killington or should it be pretty uniform up and down the spine Friday night? Trying to figure out where to launch to Friday night for an early start Saturday.
  4. Light snow at Mt. Abram, Greenwood, ME
  5. Bought tickets to Wildcat yesterday because it looked like they’d be safe from any pingers. Haven’t kept up with anything but see the trend is warmer, how screwed am I? TIA and remember if there’s no snow IYBY come ski it in the mountains
  6. Still not sure yet one way or the other Steve and probably won’t know until Thursday night/Friday morning. Really hoping I can make it out but I’d say it’s 50/50 at this point, if I do make it it’ll be for the early shift (1-3/4 ish).
  7. There’s a chance I might actually be able to make it to this one! Will let you know as the week goes on.
  8. A+ day at Sugarbush today, never made it over to Castlerock (bootpacking/skating are both not great for my bad knees and we were having too much fun on the lift-served stuff) but the rest didn't disappoint. Tons of pow on Lixi's Twist Entering the white room on Heavens Gate - later in the afternoon when the winds picked up it was pure whiteout on the chair, couldn't see the next tower ahead of you. Nat taking a break on Paradise More Paradise (I think?) Me on Stein's Don't remember what this one was, maybe Stein's again? We lapped it because it was so good the first time. The pics from the trees are all on my friend's phone since my old iPhone hates the cold, but you can imagine what you think they'd look like and you were right. Plenty of 2-3' untracked pillows of snow in the trees all day. Back at it at SR on Saturday but everywhere should still be incredible. Go go go!
  9. Holy wow - you weren’t kidding! Solid foot and a half here at sugarbush; bumps/pow on the trails and mostly untracked in the woods. A+ day for sure. Out of storage so can’t post pics from my phone but I’ll put some in the ski thread when I’m back in Boston. Been snowing lightly here all day, hasn’t added up to much but it’s certianly keeping the stoke going!
  10. Hit a nice snow shower on 89 around mile 45 in NH (Grantham area). Can see the elevation gradient clearly on the highway as we were going through NH - looks a little less exciting now as we've crossed into VT but I would imagine things will perk up again as we get up into the mountains. Should be a great day at Sugarbush - get out and enjoy the snow!
  11. Unreal for February, forget November. Making tracks to Sugarbush tomorrow unless K somehow beats them overnight.
  12. I'd support a January gtg; I'm usually traveling mid December to just after the new year and haven't been able to make one yet unfortunately (and this year will likely be no different, slim chance I could make the 14th but not likely). Would love to get to meet some of the group.
  13. 4” ish at Killington but the wind is making it really hard to get an accurate measurement. Stoked for tomorrow!
  14. Eyeballing 2” in Woodstock, VT; going back and forth between smaller flakes and fluffy dendrites. Almost there!