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  1. Fluffy flake flurries starting in Madison. 31F
  2. Sleet and ice chips just started in Madison. 30F. Very light.
  3. Got further outside and made some more measurements. The average is 6.1” with a glorified pixie dust falling. It’s winding down here. Unfortunately starting to hear branches popping. Good luck to all. Madison CT
  4. Well it keeps switching from rain/sleet to sleet/snow and back again. Making a bad situation worse. The trees are near max load and this wet slop seems to be saturating quickly. And now it’s swung to giant wet snowballs from heaven. Just measured 4.6” lost nearly half an inch in the slop line. Madison CT
  5. Just changed over to sleet and rain mix.
  6. Just measured 5” 31.9 all snow and I expect to hear some branches snapping... it’s dry snow on top of a wet layer... stuck on everything.
  7. 3.5” ripping right now. Took a while for accumulation but now branches are sagging .... badly already. Shoreline is going to see outages for sure. 32.0 Madison, CT about 4 miles inland.
  8. Thunder and lightning a few minutes ago. Snow finally sticking to the layer of slush. 34F
  9. Averaging 9 inches (Blowing necessitates averaging) so far with heavy blowing snow. 23F
  10. 22 and a heavy band of snow moving through. Only 1/2" so far. Winds are variable with some stiff gusts (no weather station at the moment... I'd guess 15-20 mph gusts, but very random short lived). With the forecast winds, expect a lot of drifting.
  11. Hitting the ground in Madison Ct. Second round of flurries in the last hour or so.
  12. It just turned to a driving rainstorm... rain drops surprisingly feel somewhat warm.
  13. Sleet took over 20 minutes ago with sustained winds ... a slizzard?
  14. Heavy Snow with a recent 10 minute sleet storm mixed in... it was sleeting as hard as it was snowing. Getting some good gusts and lots of drifting as we are on a hill. Average depth 4". Sleet again for a minute.. Snow does not slow down during sleet and snow is of the large cluster variety.. Pouring large cluster flakes right now.