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  1. 3.1" 24/23. Large flakes falling as we approach the back edge.
  2. 2.5" here. 22/21. Heaviest it's snowed all evening here.
  3. Steady light to occasionally moderate snow. Snow growth is getting better, but still not great. 1.5". 21/19
  4. Snow really picked up in this initial band. Everything covered. 23/15. Flake size is poor but visibility is pretty low.
  5. Snow has started. 24/10. Looking forward to the landscape looking like winter again.
  6. 32 with light snow, close to .8". Should be ending shortly as anticipated, not in the early morning hours lol..
  7. Temp falling towards freezing, 33 now. Light steady snow still. Ground coated. Few hours of this before it tapers off. I'd be excited for a few inches if I lived further east.
  8. Very, very wet outside. 34/33. Rain.
  9. Thanks Mitch. Please keep us updated. I'm closing on a house up there in a few weeks and I'm nervous about what may transpire..
  10. It's everything I've ever wanted. Thank you for the well wishes.
  11. Meh, another cold rainer en route. 42/30 OVC
  12. Temps slowly sliding down. 28 degrees. 0.25" of snow/ip. Light zr/ip now, with accretion on all surfaces. Interested to see what how much accretion we get.