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  1. Got to 4" overnight, not bad. Still snowing but nearing the end.
  2. 2.25" storm total. Snow intensity has backed down a bit, with light snow atm. 29 degrees
  3. SN+ right now. Beautiful snow growth and wind to drive it home. Ahhhh.. 1.25" total
  4. Lost power for a few hours this afternoon. The ice ended up being a bigger deal than I thought here. Less than an inch on the storm between snow and sleet. Snow starting back up for "round 2" now. 30/28.
  5. Cat paws falling from the sky. Measured 0.25" at 3PM. Temps continue to fall though, at 25F now.
  6. Snow fluctuating in intensity. Wet-bulbing a bit, temp has dropped from 28 to 26. Sleet is making its way towards our area. Was thinking an inch or two originally, but it may be tough to even get that inch before we change over.
  7. Precip has started as PL here in Bethany, CT. 27/17
  8. Happy Birthday Jerry. Ceiling heights lowering quickly since sunrise. 24 degrees here off of a low of 20.
  9. 11.6" Final. Great storm. 30.1" for the season.
  10. 11.5" and still accumulating. You guys in the Boston area are going to get crushed.. maybe a 16 spot. Good luck!
  11. 11.2". The "fluffyness" is compacting already. Still moderate snow here, but the heaviest snow is well to our east now. Should wrap up by 5am. Also, 12k without power in CT.
  12. 10.2" new. Awesome 3 hour stretch around here, 5.7". Hoping for another hour or so. 30.8/30. Still puking snow.
  13. It did have sleet, but you can see it washing out. That's snow, we pound.