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  1. My mistake. The Earth is very warm right now, top 3. So the same rules apply. That's really all the Nino correlation does, and a weak Nina will strengthen the Pacific Jet which floods that top 3 warmth inland
  2. Weak Nina after Strong Nino Winter is pretty easily above normal almost all of North America, sometimes a pattern that rarely breaks all Winter long.
  3. Wouldn't it make aesthetic sense for this to happen? Maybe described best as waves, called WWB's, 1 cold then 1 warm, then 1 cold. We are currently coming off of a cold and going into a warm... it's cold considering the usual incline of this pattern. I would say really weak Nina winter, -0.5 to -0.6 ONI DJF.
  4. I would do this manually but it might take a lot of time. The idea is, plot every of the 9 planets and Moon everywhere in the 360 degree sky. Also, Look at them in angles. Example: Jupiter 14 degrees Virgo, Mercury 47 degrees apart, then 48 degrees apart etc. What is the Earth pattern? For 4 planets and the moon you have a lot of data versus the 365 day year. Then you could even run them ahead, +1, +10 days, +40 days. In the end you would have about a million data points total, and probably over a thousand for a give time. Example: July 18, 2018, mercury vs venus, mercury vs moon, moon vs venus, etc... also, +1 day 2 day 3, 4, 5. Once upon a time I plotted Jupiter and Saturn in the 12 astrological phases and found there was indeed a correlation to Earth 500mb pattern. It was pretty strong in the Winter time. So for July 18, 2019, you would have like 5,000 things combined for the single day. I think this could easily predict weather across the world with good accuracy, be a good gauge to compare to vs global warming etc. Energy companies trade millions of dollars in commodities daily based on weather assumptions of the future. You would be good with this research. If a computer programer wants to team up, we could make millions easily, and it would go ahead decades, centuries. etc, I also trade futures and commodities with much success. +6.5x practice trade in 8 months. just sitting here on a Saturday, so many ideas but really needing someone to pick up something. Reply or message me.
  5. Has anyone considering plotting 9 planetary +1 moon position in the 360 sky, include angles to each other, versus World weather, also +++ so many days, going back as far as satellites have been plotting data? it would be over ten thousand variables. Could be awesome. I would do it with fast software. You could go forward 1000 years
  6. Storms aren't nearly as frequent as 5,7,10 years ago? I remember taking pictures of lightning and there were storms every few days. Not now
  7. Winter after Strong Nino are very warm, mostly because the Earth warms so much in that year. Sometimes strong blocking like 92-93 can occur, but these are probably the easiest long range forecasts using science.
  8. subsurface continues to trend this way. It will be Neutral or weak La Nina
  9. Turn off your phone for a week and go live 12,000ft on a mountain. Come back and tell me you don't understand global warming.
  10. This is cool. If you can visualize the Earth as a pulsating being, see that equilatoral regions are probably the strongest of consistencyperception. When the ENSO regions are warm for a few years, this becomes the Earth warm for 20 years, in flux, but as an overall mean. I did research a few years back that showed subsurface temperatures in ENSO regions actually had positive effect on the surface in time, meaning it could predict the future of the surface, and was also more accurate correlated to the global pattern than surface. What if the Earth is warming actually on a region below the surface, perhaps something like permeated consciousness from broad energy field of internet, cell phones, technology, and this global warming event is just shallower density (like something broken up), measurable? I do remember as a child in the early 90s, my body felt different than it does today, less stimulus, much less. Even as I post this now there is a constant buzzing.... makes sense?
  11. Solar Cycle, decadal Water oscillations, and probably even greenhouse emissions is very simplistic of view of the world, I think. There is expanded communication happening now on awesome levels and even our ability to view the universe is 10,000x greater than before. This is a point in human consciousness evolution that history doesn't really have a point of reference for, shifting into new energy fields, dream perception, or something... new the Earth's warming is just a really measurable part of it.
  12. I think Internet is a small wave inside a bigger wave. 1995 was internet boom, and 97-98 was major Earth climate cycle shift, super El Nino etc. Technology with regards to climate impact has pretty much halted since the 1970s, why are global temperatures spiking so anomalously in the last 20 years? Seriously though, technology has flat lined (cars, houses, NASA, etc), the Earth is speeding up major now. I think there other factors at play, probably having do with government.
  13. It takes 2-3 years for the Earth to really catch up to Arctic ice area.
  14. I predict Futures with high accuracy; there is proof. Message if interested.
  15. 7 degrees away from all time record high, Earth - 136.