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  1. So we're in Moderate Nina now. ONI is 3-months, but that will likely peak at Weak because the SSTs just outside of equator are so warm. Strong Nina effects are being felt...
  2. I'm writing letters to celebs to get funding for moving on with life... people upstairs stomping around, moving chairs, pipes are leaking. it's hard to concentrate! I have super abilities to connect telepath, and really expansive energy field... should be in better environment than with parents. just thinking about options tonight.
  3. don't see why not.
  4. NAO just went negative 2 days ago, after being positive 70% of the time in the last 3 months. (Sometimes there is a tendency to get ahead of the game.)
  5. Patriots going to win it.. Brady is on pace for 5000+ yards and chemistry with new WRs gets better later in the season.
  6. If anyone has a cabin in the woods that I can stay at all Winter, much appreciated. I'm watching the snow, posting on here, reading books and stuff. At my parents house, wanting to be somewhere more alone. worth a try.
  7. ugh
  8. Classic Northern Hemipshere -AAM signal now on models long range. This is completely different from the last few weeks and months of trend. Could be a completely different idea, like Mod-Strong La Nina actually being the main player this Winter.
  9. Was expecting the threat to be completely gone, but GFS is close to a phase. There may even be some drizzle as the cold moves in. It could literally be 1 model run to trend into a snowstorm threat (1-3"), then maybe more...
  10. I'm kind of surprised by this... they are a government organization and it's a bad forecast.
  11. This is what it looks like at 500mb.
  12. Super cold air in PA and good moisture right off the coast, bring the two together a bit (phase) and you have a legitimate storm. Best case scenario is a 6-12" event, maybe 15% possible.
  13. This is what I don't like, the progression favors a break in -EPO/N Pacific ridging action. Maybe a dampening pattern, or faster Pacific Jet in December. It will be hard to suppress the SE ridge enough for snow, I think, in this. Maybe a +AO propagation by late December. It's also a signal that doesn't assure the return of arctic cold.
  14. The first piece is the real threat... 2nd piece, while stronger, will be too warm. If the Day 4 storm trends NW like it often does, it has the potential to be a 3-6" snowfall NW of I95 18z GFS is really close to a phase, it could be like 1 model run to make up the difference and give the area precip (3-4 runs for 3"+ storm) It's kind of strange that in 2005 I would look at a Day 4 map and know if the same dry/unphased biased as 12 years later. But it's 80% true.
  15. Maybe an awesome arctic blast the first week of December. La Nina is not like others - it's calculated in a box 5S to 5N- in the middle of the box is -1.5c, at 5 degrees, +0.5. Looks of convolution upstream I think.