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  1. I'm gathering that frozen precip will be confined to the interior in this setup? Any chance coastal NH/ME get in on anything? I heard talk of possible coastal enhancement later tonight before the main event but not sure that still stands.
  2. Getting a good burst of snow the last hour or so...coming down at a decent clip. Is this the "CJ" mentioned? (definition?)
  3. Just flipped to snow here after rain all night. 32F
  4. Hoping I'm close enough to cold air source to keep things mostly white here. Been close but no cigar for these borderline systems.
  5. Think I'll be getting my "fix" watching this the next couple of weeks. http://www.opentopia.com/webcam/2077
  6. Bit of a let down here with yesterday's system. Maybe 4 inches at most. Makes me think of spending a winter in a place like Rocky Harbor on the west coast of Newfoundland. Seems like they get some real winters up there.
  7. Light-moderate snow most of the day. 17F and about 2 inches on the ground.
  8. Just based on nature of what's happening now or some other indicators? Snow starting to pick up now...coatings on the ground. I think NWS had us at 4"...thinking the low end might be more like 6?
  9. Looks awesome up there...nice pics.
  10. Nice look outside and light snow falling but hoping for more tomorrow.
  11. Ya, and we've been in the mostly rainy part of every other event this season...can't catch a break.
  12. Very festive out there today...too bad this wasn't Christmas morning.
  13. It's a special place. Was in Princeville with family a couple years ago and took back a lot of memories of the stunning landscape and how the weather changed from one side of the island to the other. Will go back some time.
  14. Interesting connection... http://research.noaa.gov/News/NewsArchive/LatestNews/TabId/684/ArtMID/1768/ArticleID/11936/QA-Is-Arctic-warming-fueling-severe-winter-weather-in-the-mid-latitudes.aspx
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