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  1. Light snow in Edinburg (Shenandoah County)
  2. Moderate snow in Edinburg. What a great storm!
  3. Down to 20 in Edinburg. I would think this has to be close to a record low for this date.
  4. I'm in Edinburg and you can see the snow moving north along the Blue Ridge.
  5. Got down to 8.7 last night, slowly working it's way up to 9.1 now.
  6. Moderate snow squall in Edinburgh right now.
  7. It doesn't get much better in August than that.
  8. I voted for Feb 1983 because it was truly epic for me. I grew up on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley, and it was my junior year of high school. We got somewhere in the range of 30" to 36" of snow. We had a tractor with a snowplow, and had walls of snow over 5 feet high after we plowed our gravel road. Don't think we went to school the rest of that month. The drawback was going to school on Saturdays in April and May to make up for all the snow days.