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  1. Tiger here, too. Moved back from Michigan. My daughter called and said Dillard was snowing pretty good.
  2. Yes, very stupid. I hope they open the greenhouses back up in May.
  3. I totally understand what you say. My problem is we plant now, have every year, in our greenhouse. I was called Saturday to come in and get what they had for me that finally came in m for the Disabled Vet I care for. I saw all the plants and seeds and no sign, no nothing to say I couldn't get it. I wasn't told that I couldn't get it from the manager who was standing right there, but from the cashier. The tomato, strawberry, broccoli, and seeds we needed are all a no. When this is where we get our food from it is a real worry!
  4. They need to recall her! I am a caregiver for a disabled vet and help with his elderly parents. We all grow gardens. Imagine my surprise going in today and found I couldn't buy anything! Yesterday I could buy seeds and various vegetable plants, but no hoses, potting soil, etc. Thank goodness for the cashier who said, "So fire me. Am I supposed to remember all 20,000 items we can't sell?". Why is she shutting down garden centers? This is how we survive out here.
  5. Winter storm watch canceled for me in Lapeer county, MI and Ice Storm Warning instead
  6. How do you get the counties and totals??? I've looked and looked, but can't find them!
  7. I won't care if it's an inch or 10". Either way my dogs are going to love it, and I get to watch it falling down and piling up!
  8. DTX here, too, but we are being told a little over 2", and we're in Lapeer county up near Genessee/Tuscola county line.
  9. I would like to see Michigan, too. Thanks in advance.
  10. A solid 2" expected this morning and switched to snow, rain, freezing rain, not particularly in that order. Please no more freezing rain! I have fallen more times these last 3 weeks than ever before!
  11. Well this is interesting. Was supposed to have a low of 3 and start to rise to 6 by 5 am. We are at -3 right now.
  12. I wanna see anyhow! Lapeer County Michigander with a NWS call of 7", so should I be looking at more or less?
  13. Mine went from 6 to 5 in Columbiaville. I'll take it. Dogs will love plowing through it.
  14. Thank you very much. It started snowing here in Columbiaville around 3:30 and we have a light dusting on the ground now at 5:45.