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  1. Finally seeing snowflakes again, sometimes mixed in with sleet. Temp is about 38 in Tiger.
  2. I don't know what is going on in Tiger, GA! About 38°, wind is nothing, looks like freezing rain, snow stopped at 6:45 right when our power went out.
  3. It's 41 and spitting snow here in Tiger on my mountain.
  4. 11:05 and 40° here at 2182' in Tiger. Anxiously awaiting the start of Izzy coming to visit!
  5. Here's what concerns me. No one is talking about the possible ice in Rabun County,but it sure shows up here. Should we be worried about it or ?
  6. NE GA here, in Tiger. From what I am seeing, not a lot of ice/sleet here, but just wondering about wind, also...lost 3 transformers on last wind event.
  7. Thanks Buckeye. Can't wait to see what this winter holds. Missed tracking these the last 8 years!!
  8. I had to reread this 3x....I thought it said hit a STRANGER! Rofl
  9. I was watching the imagery and found it ironic that it looks like an eye!
  10. Tiger here, too. Moved back from Michigan. My daughter called and said Dillard was snowing pretty good.
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