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  1. While awaiting this coming storm, a really good tick-tock about how a lot of humans can cause a snowstorm to snowball into a crisis. https://www.washingtonpost.com/transportation/2022/01/27/i95-traffic-backup-winter-storm/ This was the epic emergency in Virginia and Washington in early January. Not our forum, but ... it couldn't happen here, right?
  2. And Britain is getting the East Coast's winter - the tabloid Daily Mail's UK front page (not the US, the UK) is half full of stories on "Storm Ciara" which is blasting, with 90+ and 8+ mph winds, a story on surfers riding wages up a river, disruptions at airports. Here's one: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7988499/Britain-faces-fresh-SNOW-ice-warning-tonight-tomorrow.html They are already anticipating that this storm hitting now will be battering them this weekend.
  3. I am wondering why some low level ground fog has developed following the cessation of the rain. I checked the temperature, and there hasn't been any surge of much warmer air, nor did the sun come out (as happens in summer sometimes). I would have thought that the fog would form only if warmer temperatures were moving over colder ground. The ground is still frozen a little further down, but the precip that fell today was all liquid. The temperature has barely varied a degree all day. Just curious about the fog.
  4. Yet another flash flood watch posted for much of NJ, with some amounts of 5" possible!! Have the criteria changed this summer, or are we really seeing this many instances of flooding?
  5. Putting this in the banter thread since it's not directly concerned with storm forecasting and movement. Is Mexico Beach even likely to be rebuilt? That is, are the property owners there wealthy enough to tenaciously pursue insurance settlements and governmental subsidies and grants so as to rebuild? I am in New Jersey, and there was a bifurcation of outcomes from Sandy. Some poorer areas, mostly inland along rivers, were abandoned and residents sought buyouts. Wealthy barrier islands are completely rebuilt to even wealthier standards. I guess the two possible outcomes in Mexico beach are abandonment to a return to a natural state, or bargain sales of lots to those wealthy enough to build housing to the most rigorous standards. Somewhere I read that many of the barrier islands along the Florida panhandle are largely the domain of fewer, but wealthier, residents due to the succession of storms over the years.
  6. Just curious: Is this a "dry" nor'easter? Can there even be such a thing? Thanks in advance!
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