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  1. A new product that started this year. It allows NHC to issue tropical related watches/warnings when a potential development is approaching land. Certainly, beats having to issue tropical storm warnings if a system develops 6 hours before landfall.
  2. Not chasing the stuff in northern Kansas this afternoon. Planning to leave Norman around 2 PM and sit up near Wichita and awaiting the bow echo. Maybe get some awesome shelf cloud photography, otherwise aiming for lightning this evening to end my '17 spring season.
  3. Picture from the fiance, Paige Burress, from Monday well north of Kimball, NE. Looks like we had three mesos at the time with the center one producing the tornado. The one in the back produced a tornado a few minutes later. The foreground storm, easily the most structured, went on to produce twin anti-cyclonic tornadoes on a plateau about 20-25 minutes later as we were driving parallel to it.
  4. Tomorrow (Thursday, June 15) looks interesting across southern Kansas into northern Oklahoma. Not really a tornado setup, but may become a classic Southern Plains damaging wind event. 12Z 3KM NAM has north 850s at 85 knots just north of OKC by 10 PM Thursday with a fast-moving forward propagating MCS. Certainly, wouldn't discount that possibility, but I doubt models have the exact positioning down at this juncture.
  5. Ended up leaving Norman at 4:30 AM Tuesday and arrived just in time for the tornadofest in far eastern Wyoming into the Nebraska Panhandle. In North Platte now and planning to head east to Grand Island by the mid-afternoon. Liking how the HRRR/HRRRx both show a more discrete mode versus the 3KM NAM. We'll see, but not expecting anything like yesterday. Will be great to edit pictures and videos from yesterday this weekend. Meanwhile, I'm still wondering which storm actually produced this tornado. Storm in the background produced a separate tornado a few minutes later.
  6. A shame I can't chase in Wyoming tomorrow, but it really does look quite impressive for that area. Looks like no rental cars are available in Denver tomorrow either! On the bright side at least that means I don't have to debate about buying a last minute flight in from OKC.
  7. Only other good feed (and almost fail-proof) is AllisonHouse.
  8. Frisco has been hit by how many golfball-baseball size hail events this spring already? LOL
  9. You're funny...
  10. Probably going to have a TOR issue just southwest of Clinton, MO in the next 10 minutes.
  11. Its verdict is that I'd have about a 30 minute drive from home. 45 if you count traffic out by Lake Dirtybird.
  12. HRRRx runs have had it since earlier this afternoon. I'll be using that big-time tomorrow.
  13. Elevated convection has developed from Weleetka to Okmulgee about 75 miles east of OKC. Will have to watch for any boundaries that push west/north for tomorrow.
  14. 3KM NAM was certainly a bit frightening for OKC tomorrow evening.
  15. FWIW the typically conservative TTU WRF has had multiple continuous runs showing supercell development in North Texas tomorrow afternoon into the early evening hours. It also has backing of low-level winds. Would probably be a scenario similiar to that one about a month ago where giant hail demolished parts of Montague, Cooke, Denton, and Collin counties. That storm produced a brief tornado just before sunset. However, with 7000 J/Kg of CAPE tomorrow and increasing 0-1KM SRH at sunset, can't rule out a tornado threat. All conditional on storms developing that far south on the dryline, but it is unusual for the TTU WRF to have convection while others don't. It is usually the other way around.