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  1. 18Z 3KM NAM (yes, I know...) keeps the warm sector capped most of Friday. It fires up some slightly-elevated storms around 9-10PM and has them moving north through southern Oklahoma.
  2. CU line on the GOES 16 rapid-scan seems to be growing fast south to I-40. Should see initiation of that activity by 7PM CT. I still find it disconcerting that the HRRR wants to absolutely smack my home with nasty hail (OUN).
  3. The HRRR would be rather problematic for OUN to Newalla to Luther up I-44 to Tulsa. Not sure storms would be entirely surface based with a strong surface inversion, but the ingredients for giant hail are certainly in place. If a storm did become rooted to the surface, especially closer to I-40, the tornado risk would certainly need to be monitored.
  4. Meh, better get used to the harsh reality of storm chasing humor if you plan on being out much. If you can't take a sarcastic jest then I suggest y'all not attend the more 'hard core' chaser gatherings. Meanwhile... FWIW the 12Z CIPS analogs were pinpointing at a higher potential for severe on Tuesday. Graphic is for 10 or more severe reports.
  5. Good! The more road for the rest of us the better.
  6. The benefit of living in Norman is one doesn't really have to "go out" per say. Just chill at home till 3-4PM. If it looks like storms may pop, drive an hour. Otherwise, continue on your day.
  7. Sunday is crap. High signal from CIPS of severe from OK up to IA, but the tornado output is almost completely blank. Another good day to sit at home (or near it). Veered LLJ, marginal moisture return in terms of depth, and timing issues.
  8. Storm on the AL/GA border easily the best it has looked this entire time. Could see it try and TOG within the next 10-15 minutes. I like the look of that hook echo, much more 'meaty' than the skinny ones in the previous cycles.
  9. Fairly veered LLJ may be playing a role in preventing tornadogenesis at this point. Obviously plenty of mid-level shear to support an organized supercell threat with giant hail. We'll have to see if the tornado threat picks up with time (which it probably will).
  10. Cell had a weakish gate to gate circulation for about two minutes. I'm interested to see if we end up with this Talladega storm ingesting the shower to its south.
  11. Not on my end, although I'll admit I thought you said TDS. Dyslexia on my side. Do you have your MDA settings altered?
  12. BMX mentioning that 0-1KM SRH has doubled in the last hour where that cell east of BHM is heading.
  13. He always does, but to each their own. One day it'll come back to bite him in the behind. Should be interesting (and valuable) video.
  14. Quite a bit of tilt involved with today's storms. Based on the radar beam being around 3,800 feet, I'd assume he's fine.
  15. All communications into Jena are out.