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  1. I'm hoping a boundary from Wednesday's convection will stick around and help the eastern TX Panhandle become a magical 'sweet spot' later today. For sure there will be chaser hoards galore up in Southwest Kansas - and I'll probably be among them unless the Panhandle target becomes more tempting. 00Z TTU WRF does have boundary magic on the TX/OK border, but certainly a conditional threat ATM. It would sure be nice to only have a three hour drive versus a five or six hour journey to the target area.
  2. Meh. It's 2020 and that itself is a kiss of death for multiple reason. I just had to walk in a sweater and pants in Norman... 48 hours before a potential chase. If it can bust it'll find a way. My 'chasecation' starts Wednesday too. That being said, I'm much more 'in love' with these setups versus the synoptically-evident events. More fun to chase, slower storm motions, and hopefully a few less idiots out and about. Hopefully a fun Texas Panhandle chase will be in order on Wednesday. I'll take this cooler weather over mid 70 degree dewpoints and a ridge. Northwest Texas does seem to be a hot spot this month.
  3. You getting trolled out to Dixie tomorrow or did you get your fill last weekend?
  4. The 0Z HREF goes bonkers tomorrow. Note that this is the SREF-calibrated TOR probabilities, not the SIG-TOR one that tends to run hotter.
  5. Freeport TAF (Terminal Area Forecast) has a period of winds gusting to 200 knots... just absolutely bonkers to see.
  6. Correction to my prior statement about the USAF aircraft. I have no idea what it's doing, but the next scheduled flight to depart is around 4 AM ET.
  7. Looks like we're done with recon until around 12Z Saturday (about ten hours from now). We should have had the USAF in there this evening, but their aircraft went mechanical. Same with the NOAA upper-level reconnaissance flight. Overall, models are working with less data tonight compared to twelve hours ago.
  8. Guess they want to see what winds in the northeast quad are before committing to an upgrade. The only explanation I see is that they 'assume' the dropsonde winds were gusts versus sustained. Still, not particularly solid footing and I anticipate the post-storm report will correct it.
  9. Given the rapid intensification and ongoing deviation from the 5 PM advisory intensity guidance, I wouldn't be surprised to see a special advisory issued in lieu of the 8 PM update. The current forecast doesn't have 115 knots until Hour 36 (5 PM advisory).
  10. Dropsonde - 951 MB with a 13-knot splashdown, so around 950 millibars. A 20 millibar drop in about six hours.
  11. Indeed! I expect we'll see that revised in the post-storm report. Looks like NOAA's aircraft is en-route and it *appears* the Air Force has another aircraft airborne now too (although I believe that may just be ferrying to Florida).