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  1. sorry to be the bearer of bad news (especially after that one guy said hey atleast no levees have failed) but it appears that, according to multiple sources, that the Grand Isle Levee has been breached in 3 separate locations
  2. what exactly is the nam's wheelhouse? is it reached by tomorrow night? Edit: someone edited their post to clarify nam's wheelhouse
  3. There's another snow/death band moving west off of LI into NYC and NENJ... another 4" maybe...
  4. Wallington NJ: Still in death band, 24 degrees, 33" so far, whiteout conditions... puking snow still.
  5. I don't think that's the main death band everyone is talking about... thats on LI now I think.
  6. Has anyone seen just how hard Accuweather is busting for NNJ. Forecast 6-10 inches. NWS is saying close to 25". Bernie Busts Again...
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