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  1. understand the confusion now. thank you. i certainly did not mean to 100% attribute it to climate change, merely link the two as we have seen a major uptick in storms, often including the upper end of storms, slowing down prior to landfall in the past 10-15 years. is all of that due to increased global avg temperatures? of course not. it just contributes to it when conditions are ripe for it, like in this case, irma, harvey, michael, etc. thank you for explaining though, always looking for constructive criticism!
  2. is this incorrect? i thought this was a major part of the latest IPCC report. confused as to why im getting weenie’d. i do not mean to spread misinformation or start anything so please correct me if im wrong, fairly new at this (just graduated)
  3. Them dots sure are close together. something something, significant reduction of average foward motion of landfalling tropical systems due to anthropogenic climate change, something
  4. wait till its more near-term for nam… and even then, use it sparingly. nam isnt great for tropical. if i recall correctly, the nam isn’t properly ocean coupled so it struggles (especially in long term) with tropical systems. much better for winter systems/noreasters. edit: recent meteorology graduate so please correct me if im wrong/spark discussion around it
  5. sorry to be the bearer of bad news (especially after that one guy said hey atleast no levees have failed) but it appears that, according to multiple sources, that the Grand Isle Levee has been breached in 3 separate locations
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