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  1. Anyone hoping for anything meaningful in this neck of the woods... should give up hope.
  2. I dont see why everyone is saying the GFS has caved to the EURO... The GFS has been locked within 50 miles for the last 4 days. Didn't the EURO at one point show Irma going into the Gulf?
  3. Looks like PR is going to miss the brunt of the eye wall.
  4. Fixed
  5. I remember this event very well. I was driving home from Annapolis to Eldersburg (Carroll County) Maryland. I was just leaving Annapolis when the line went threw. When I got to the Baltimore Beltway... it was accident after accident. I even witnessed a 4x4 making a hard right and just going off the road and over the embankment. Interstate 70 was a sheet of ice. You could not go more than 5 miles per hour and even then there was a chance of hitting the car in front of you. Everyone was on the shoulders driving so they could pull off if needed. Once I got the route 32... it was more or less snow covered and much easier to drive on. It took me 3 hours to get from Annapolis to Eldersburg.
  6. Why are we getting this when winter is over??? Where is the dislike button???
  7. No MD was not supposed to be good this year. They started 3 freshman. They as got a bad draw with X. They were a 3 seed until their star player got hurt. They lost 7 in a row. Took them some time to find their identity after the injury. I think they will be a force in the tournament.
  8. I guess you saw me.
  9. You will be surprised what a March sun can do. The sun is at the same angle as the last week of September
  10. Good Times tonight sledding with the wife... Sleet pack is so hard that my 225lbs frame didn't even make a dent in it.
  11. I decided not even to shovel my driveway. It is flat so I am not worried.
  12. For everyone that are disappointed with the snow maps. I would like to know how the snow depth maps preformed.
  13. 28.8/26
  14. fun to track.... painful ending
  15. Fixed