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  1. Dont say that. I mentioned that about a week ago... and people didnt like it
  2. The 18z will save us right
  3. Do we still need the Ridge over Japan?
  4. I do not know why anyone has been looking at models this year. I found the most accurate one that no one has heard of.
  5. You have gotten your 25 dollars worth... you have just been tracking 10 day storms
  6. Doesn't look as pretty... but it is much lighter when you have to shovel it.
  7. I hear that pitchers and catcher reported.
  8. I am surprised this place hasn't burned down yet!!!
  9. Nothing really here either. Maybe another way we can fail this winter.
  10. Really got nothing here in 21057
  11. True... but there is an average snowfall. So when you have above average years... you need below average years to average the snowfall out.
  12. You know the GFS has nothing when it is not even mentioned during the model run...
  13. I find a lot of times how the storm tracks set up in late November and early December will dictate our winters.
  14. Must have been a great euro run