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  1. What model do you use for your next 8 days in these posts? GFS seems to have a major urban heat issues. The times it forecasts 100s a few days out is unreal.
  2. When scientists measure out temps from 100s of years ago (tree rings, etc), the way the central park data is currently is probably more representative to how the vast majority of the planet was (overgrown and not de-forested) . Do we add 2-3 degrees from past temps to match how we measure temps now?
  3. 77, .51" of rain. Wasn't expecting that.
  4. Was in Franklin and it poured. Sons baseball got canceled and crossed the raritan into Piscataway and it was dry. Haha. Nothing in Branchburg
  5. Pway puts on a pretty nice display for the 4th.
  6. All storms missed missed or weakened around my area. Had a brief shower
  7. 88 here, actually 3 degrees warmer than yesterday so far. Was 92 yesterday for my high
  8. frankdp23

    Summer 2019 Banter Thread

    I have WS-2902A and the only time I can't get it to display on my comp is when it gets disconnected from the wifi.
  9. frankdp23

    Summer 2019 Banter Thread

    Don't they have to be in school for a certain amount of time for it to count? I thought it was 4 hours? Maybe NJ is different?
  10. Clouds may stop a 90 degree temp. I'm starting to cloud up out here and went from 83 to 81 now.
  11. .15" today. 2.62" since last Friday. 4.59" month to date.
  12. frankdp23

    Light Data

    Maybe weather stations on WU have that data? My weather station provides a solar radiation reading in real time. Also, maybe a solar company can help you out. I have panels on my house and it records how many kWh produced, but only does a daily reading.
  13. Sun peeked out here for a bit, about to rain any minute now. Actually got to 87 before the clouds moved back in. 81/74.7.