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  1. Had some rain last night and even a brief downpour. The ground really needed it.
  2. Pretty quiet in the Pacific this year, also interesting.
  3. Closing mine up on Thursday. Probably will take a dip in it today. With the August and early September cool shots, I though I was done 2 weeks ago. Now it warmed back up to just about 80. It was down to 71 early this month.
  4. totally off. He's a top 5 guy weather wise and great for the weather world.
  5. Wow, very interesting
  6. Best I can add to this is that the rain earlier is turning into some black ice here. Be careful of it if you're out.
  7. Very light snow in Branchburg
  8. 20 here. I guess to try to spin this, I'd rather 55 and rain over 37 and rain.