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  1. You're right with the radar. With NJ being out it is hard to make out what is what. I went on to Philadelphia NBC 10 radar and a little swath moved through here (North of the "N" in New Brunswick).
  2. Just had a decent little batch of rain come through, dropped .20" more. .26" on the day with 3.12" since Friday night.
  3. 1.76" yesterday. .21" today so far.
  4. Picked up .53" last night with the evening storms
  5. Lightning and thunder with a heavy downpour. Up to .42" of rain. Had rates of 1.25"/hr at one point
  6. Being in the western half of NJ, I can agree with this. It hasn't been too bad. It has been very cloudy, but not nearly as wet or as cool as you guys to the E.
  7. frankdp23

    Spring 2019 Banter Thread

    I had one last year living in a birdhouse on my property.
  8. 31.8 with frost this morning.