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  1. 1.02" of rain last evening.
  2. Piscataway to Allentown is 53 miles as the crow flies. I was surprised that line didn't hold to reach me here. I'm on the border of Somerset and Hunterdon. When I went to bed at 11:20, the line was probably 8 miles away or so. Checked the gauge this morning and nothing. But yesterday afternoon I received .94" in about 25 minutes from some cells.
  3. For me as well, even though I was only 7. Also any storm when I was young that would get a snow day (became a snow weenie from that). Mostly though it was my older brother who was into weather that got me into it. We had a little radio in our kitchen that we would listen to Frank Lombardo (1450am) on. Good memories.
  4. Picked up .09" this morning. Sun trying to pop out now.
  5. frankdp23

    summer banter thread

    I think $10 per year.
  6. Turned out to be a great day for the party. Unfortunately no balloons flew over my house. This morning of course about 15 did.
  7. Hey, I'm having about 50 at my house too for this. Last year we had people on Saturday and they didn't go up. But of course on Sunday evening when we didn't have a party one landed 3 homes away. Nice to see another Branchburg person posting.
  8. .26" this morning, 3.30" since Saturday
  9. 2.49 for the event, .80 since midnight. A cell just dropped .13" here in like 5 minutes time.
  10. frankdp23

    Climate Change Has A Google Problem

    I tried typing that into a few other search engines and they were similar in what was found above. It seemed though that Bing didn't have hoax until the 4th result. I watched some of the video but not the whole 9 minutes.
  11. frankdp23

    July 21-23 Hybrid/Coastal Storm

    Big Grease fan?
  12. frankdp23

    summer banter thread

    Yeah, like this spring when it rained constantly here.
  13. .96" here. Nice soaking. My brother out near Kutztown PA got 2.8"
  14. Humid start, but now quite a nice day outside. Sunny and 84 and the humidity is gone.