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  1. Here is the Gary Gray model discussion archive leading up to the '96 storm...enjoy a stroll down memory lane:
  2. That would certainly be disappointing and likely a worst case scenario but yeah, if the center rides the western edge of guidance it's a nice thump (hopefully more than 2-4") with mix at the height followed by dry slot/snow showers. Cross your fingers for a nudge east at 12z and a heavy WAA thump overnight
  3. 18z gfs has a classic track for big snow in the philly area. Energy transfers to the coast faster, the southern vort is much slower and deeper (rather drastic shift over 100 miles in the past 12 hours) and the 700/850/925 lows traverse SE of our area save the coast. Upper levels indicate solid potential, the qpf doesn't reflect the full potential imo.
  4. Is there a "dislike" button on this site?
  5. no other support whatsoever that I can find. For now, back to our regularly scheduled programming
  6. Euro has another coastal stall off the coast and drop 6"+ around city N&E. 2 vorts phase with serious negative tilt and eventually stacked cutoff.
  7. 7am. 3" 31° 1.25" last hr Valley Forge
  8. Quick transition to sleet in Valley Forge. 34
  9. Yup our perspective is a bit distorted after the numerous blockbusters the past 8 years or so. This is would be a banner late 80's/90's style storm
  10. Fair to have some cautious optimism. Crazier things have happened. Good consensus overall, now it primarily comes down to how much the low flexes its muscles and when. Stronger makes it tuck in more but dynamics at peak offset low location. 12z here we come
  11. Pivot baby, pivot! Trajectory on radar showing it, might punch into delco/phl then level out