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  1. The video from 2011 ---watch it 2x and note all the predictions that joe blowhole BUSTardi got wrong. https://youtu.be/3mzUjn2Z-2E

    The other day in another thread  in the  New England subforum  Kevin of tolland suggested I was a drunk because I was posting something he didn't like

    Now JI   is  back to doing what he was doing before.  He took a tweet I made and lied about it. Specifically lied about my forecast for Leesburg.

    He didn't even give a reason he just ridicule the post (LOL) by that mine  analysis  of the  12z euro    dec 11  run  was inept and that I  was incompetent.

    The issue isn't  that he disagrees with me. It's the ridicule and distain from a person who is clearly mentally unstable yet allowed to dominate the boards and especially the Mid-Atlantic region for no particular reason.


    In my return here I  was sgoing out of my way to be positive after 4 years. Instead I continue to see that these  two assholes  continue to run rampant and treat other meteorologists -- or is it just me ?   in a particularly bad manner.  And for whatever reason it seems to be okay here an American weather forums.

  3. Cause gfs is dry. Icon is 32-34 yes at 90 hrs ...18z MON .. BUT dude when the event begin at 12z Monday DCA is 38 CHO is 40 Winchester is 35f A lot of rain until 18z ....
  4. WARM SNOW??? what the hell is that? is it like LIBERAL Bustardi???
  5. Icon is warm snow at 40-45 degrees? Good luck with that
  6. P13ftw 12 of 24 hit DCA BAL nw third of VA central MD with ACCUMULATING snow
  7. its the GFS that model simply does not see stj ast 72 84 hrs ... never has been never will be see the DEC 7 event here in central VA... GFS has NOTHING every run for 6 days until 42 hrs before the event
  8. Lol so much for the meterogically impossible to get cutters during a strong AO NAO block no that not what it means what it means is that a) even if the model shows an inland track with - AO/ - NAO you should NOT accept that solution as valid b) and it means after 15 years you have learned not a damn thing
  9. counting on the ICON for snowstorm is a LOSE situation
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