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  1. my money is on this vax
  2. Or maybe we should all just learn sign language and shut our traps forever
  3. I'm not sure I'll feel comfortable even after this has passed putting my head down on a hotel or motel pillow, assuming they have been thoroughly washed.
  4. Was at a local marine store today picking up some varnish. Curbside only. On the table outside was a box of store flyers with a note stuck to the box that said "If you touch one, please take it with you". Where does this type of stuff end. Anything anyone picks up and puts back will either be frowned upon or forced to to buy it. Imagine grabbing a 4-pack of IPA out of the cooler, then deciding you want something else and put it back, but store guy sees you do it and kindly asks you buy it. Or, you pick up a magazine at a store and are told to buy it cause you touched it. This may not be widespread now, but crap like this is probably coming.
  5. Abbott says specificity <0.02%. Data says 48%. Something doesn't add up here.
  6. Well there won't be any bellying up to the bar anymore waving a dollar to the get the attention of the bar tender
  7. timefortucks website no longer has the forum feature. Anyone know if this is due to covid? I assume people are still hiking to ski
  8. this has been circulating for a few weeks on reddit; gaining more steam as more data comes out.
  9. Huh? Mandatory masks in buildings? Which ones?
  10. Snowing in The County right now. These are the days when I'm glad I live farther south.
  11. just an observation and don't take it the wrong way, but everyday you seem to post a negative news article around the same time.
  12. Are the daily pressers really necessary at this point?
  13. Is he at least going to wear a mask? You'd think he and the others at the WH would have been doing this weeks ago.
  14. I'm sure that's micrograms (ug)
  15. My mom put the Vicks on my chest then dampened handkerchief around the neck. On went the vaporizer. Slept like a baby
  16. Unfortunately, covid doesn't infect chix eggs, so that's not a vaccine production option.
  17. not far off. And we also do time cards, except for the salaried folks, although salaried people have to submit a bi-weekly "timecard" indicating how much PTO was used and how many hrs worked from home ("pandemic hrs")
  18. That could be said of a lot of people in this forum. If their bosses only knew how much time they spent online doing non-work. Me included
  19. We're still living in last century where I work. I have to hand-write all my results into a notebook, photocopy/reduce SOPs and results down and tape them in. Utterly ridiculous.
  20. Does he actually propose a number and has he even stated what exactly needs to be met in terms of infection rate, hospitalizations, other metrics that will finally allow them to re-open?
  21. Except any new covid vaccine will have relatively little safety testing. No way can I be forced to be vaccinated with an experimental vaccine. If I need to show proof anywhere else in the world in order to go there, well I guess I'm not traveling much for awhile. My wife might be pissed though.This may come across as anti-vaxer, but it's not. I've been involved with vaccine discovery and research for 20yrs and support their use, but only when deemed safe (ie- doesn't kill directly or indirectly and only has limited side effects)
  22. already being done in Paris
  23. I would not be for this at all unless someone knows they are clinically ill with flu, cold, other respiratory disease in which case they probably shouldn't be out in public.