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  1. No change on upstate SC precip though. Less than .50 on the 18z GFS through day 16. The low to mid 80's probably are not happening either.
  2. Robert sees this lasting 2 weeks with temps possibly going well over 100. Get ready for a repeat of 2007.
  3. Never got 1 drop here. Nothing now for 15 days. Same old pattern from the last 2 summers is here to stay until at least September, if not October. Meaning some places will get 10-15 inches of rain before I get 1 more drop here.
  4. 2 weeks now without any rain here. Need a tropical system to change this stupid pattern we are in.
  5. That's northwest flow. Areas just east and south of the mountains will be dry while areas along and east of I-77 in NC will be fairly wet. I fully expect at least D2, maybe D3 drought to be back in a big way by Sept 1 from ATL up through GSP and HKY. Gonna need a tropical system or 2 that track the right way to get really good rain over much of GA and western SC.
  6. All of this is about to change. It looks like the heat will be around for a while, with only a brief break or 2 here and there.
  7. Nothing here. Need a tropical system to change this pattern. We did good in June, but once we start missing it takes something big to give us any rain.
  8. The tropical system can be called a fluke though. July was very dry and August was too until Jerry showed up. If it does not come our way, all of August would have been just as dry and hot as July.
  9. Probably going to be the pattern going forward. Dry to very dry and eventually very hot. A lot like the summer of 1995 when June was wet and then July and most of August were very hot and dry.
  10. Almost certainly going to be right. Some parts of our area will not see 1 drop of rain from this system. Any rain up to now has not really been from the tropical system.
  11. Time for GSP to cut pops down to near 0 south of I-85. The forecast will have busted in this area 2 days in a row now.
  12. Sprinkles here. Gonna be a dry day over much of NC and SC. Then the big system early in the week probably only hits the coast.
  13. 2.12 here last evening into this morning. Ground is truly soaked here for the first time in a while.
  14. This could be trouble for much, if not almost all of SC and much of GA too. 2 things though. If we get strong enough CAD or get gulf coast convection robbing our moisture, this would not as bad. That last line comes in at night for almost all of NC and SC IF this model is right.
  15. This event was definitely widespread enough to put a big dent into the drought . A couple of more events like this would come close to ending it.