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  1. Sprinkles here. Gonna be a dry day over much of NC and SC. Then the big system early in the week probably only hits the coast.
  2. 2.12 here last evening into this morning. Ground is truly soaked here for the first time in a while.
  3. This could be trouble for much, if not almost all of SC and much of GA too. 2 things though. If we get strong enough CAD or get gulf coast convection robbing our moisture, this would not as bad. That last line comes in at night for almost all of NC and SC IF this model is right.
  4. This event was definitely widespread enough to put a big dent into the drought . A couple of more events like this would come close to ending it.
  5. We ended up with 1.75 here. Others got much more, but I'm just glad we were not left completely out.
  6. The regular 12z GFS is down to .25 or less of rain on it now for much of the southeast through Monday and I'm betting it gets even drier. Some of us may have saw our last rainfall for up to 1-2 months yesterday. The drought and heat are coming bigtime from here on out.
  7. Someone will get to 110 or higher this summer unless things change. Temps can heat up fast with dry weather for long periods of time, which we will have plenty of this summer. Look back at August 2007 and you'll see How June right through August will be this summer. 3 months this year instead of 3 weeks in 2007.
  8. Take a look at the storm total precip map on GSP's radar though and you'll see just how small an area is getting good rain. The drought is not going anywhere. D3 and D4 drought will be the big story around the southeast by around June 1.
  9. Only about 2 drops here. The old summertime pattern where we miss all rain is here already. Our best chance here will be on Sunday, but I'm betting that system dries up a lot too and does not give the area much rain.
  10. The key in north GA and western SC and NC yesterday was all of the early morning rain and storms going ahead and lasting all day. If they had moved out as predicted, the wedge would probably have broken. With the storms going all day, they actually pushed the warm front back to the south all the way Macon Ga and Columbia SC and beyond.
  11. The enhanced risk got pulled back up to the NC border in our area, about a 30 mile shift to the north. The moderate risk stayed about the same, from Greenwood and Abbeville southward. All of upstate SC now has at least a 10% chance of a tornado within 25 miles, except right on the NC border. The damaging wind threat went up too, from 15% to 30% over upstate SC along and south of I-85.
  12. http://wspa.com/2017/04/04/tornado-confirmed-in-greenville-pickens-co/ 4 confirmed tornadoes yesterday in upstate SC.
  13. I'm not sure if that timing will help a lot in this case though. This system is going to be strong and a 50KT low level jet during the passage of that line is hard to ignore.
  14. The GSP weather office is calling the NAM's cool stable air solution over our CWA an outlier, meaning they think things become unstable from noon onward. They think the storms start around 1pm from around Anderson to Chester to the south at first, but slowly spreading north.
  15. Not so over much of SC except in Oconee and Pickens counties. Only scattered showers east of those 2 counties. Now I'm seeing that gulf coast convection may really cut totals with the next system.