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  1. I seriously hope we don't get really cold weather anytime soon. 60's and 70's would be great right through Jan and Feb. Anything colder than that would just make things worse for me. Still dealing with the same issue I had when Irma was here and things are worse than ever because of it.
  2. No. Up in Cherokee county northwest of Gaffney. Actually this one was about 3-4 miles northwest of where I was at the time.
  3. 2.3 of rain here. Much needed rain.
  4. Only rain here thankfully. This county has been hit hard apparently though. The sheriff office is telling people to stay off the roads. Sorry I just now came back, but have been on facebook helping a friend up near Gaffney track this storm.
  5. No where here to take cover. I am in trouble.
  6. Got a tornadic cell coming right for me. About 20-30 minutes away.
  7. Well guys Irma is gone and so am I at least for a while. Things are only getting worse for me instead of better.
  8. If the NAM is right most of us can quit watching Irma.
  9. Thanks for this one too. I love this song and really like Wilson Phillips too. This one was released in 1990 and brings back many memories.
  10. Thanks. I had not heard this before, but I liked it a lot. Amy Grant is a wonderful singer.
  11. Hopefully it'll change soon, but things seem to slowly be getting worse for me instead of better.
  12. Thanks.
  13. Thank you so much.
  14. Thank you.
  15. A lot, but the biggest thing right now is having a broken heart. It's tearing me apart. The last 6 weeks have just been awful for me and I don't see things ever getting better.