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  1. Many places in the northwest piedmont of NC got 2 6+ events in 1987. 1-1-1987 and 1-22-1987. Some areas up there got a third one. 1-25-1987.
  2. I thought the NAM was perfect. It certainly had the warm nose right. As far as upstate SC goes, if 5-6 models snow winter weather and just 1 does not that model will be right.
  3. I'd like to see a repeat of Jan 2000 where I get good snow and the I-85 area and north is left OUT of it. They have had enough up there.
  4. Just as I thought, a non event here. Temp never got below 34.
  5. Yep it's headed back north for sure. Don't think we get to freezing here either so basically a non event here.
  6. For now. Our snow changed back to rain so the line is heading north again. Charlotte goes to sleet and rain withing 1-2 hours probably.
  7. May be going back north now. I am back to rain and sleet. No snow right now.
  8. Finally getting snow here now and it's starting to stick on the top of the car and in the grass. Moderate snow and temp is falling nicely.
  9. And in a better spot than I am. You'll get at least some winter weather tonight. So far only rain here. No sleet or at all and not looking for any.
  10. This event is over south of I-85 in SC. Temps will not go lower than 36-38 in this area.
  11. May have to wait for the next one here in Jonesville SC. Temp is a 38 and refusing to go down. Not 1 sleet pellet or snowflake here yet. Maybe in Jan or Feb.
  12. I'm afraid ice will end up being the big story in the big metro areas of Charlotte and GSP including where I am southeast of Spartanburg. Areas just north of these 2 metros will do very well with snow. If we get this setup in Jan or Feb though, more of us would get snow.
  13. Temps are still dropping here instead of rising. When I got up 30 mins ago it was rain. Now freezing rain here.
  14. The Euro shows ice too for the upstate and northeast GA with temps in the upper 20's over the GSP metro.
  15. You won't be hearing much from anyone along the I-85 corridor is SC if this was to happen. All of us would be without power.
  16. It's time to put this first storm to bed for most of us. Probably this winter too. Now let's hope for much warmer weather and severe storms.
  17. This one IF it happens would probably be mostly sleet for us. Maybe with some ice.
  18. That 2002 storm cut our power off for 2 days. We did not get much sleet over here. It was basically all ZR.
  19. I'm hoping we get sleet instead of ice. It's not going to be plain old rain IF that CAD high is there. Of course a lot of things can change in 7 days.
  20. IF we get the CAD high in the right spot, temps will be 5-10 degrees colder than forecast for sure. I have saw it too many times. For example a couple years ago we had rain in our forecast with temps no lower than 34-36. What we got was mostly sleet with temps in the upper 20's. An even more stark example comes from 1987 when we had rain in the forecast in the GSP metro with temps in the mid 30's. We got sleet from that with the temp going all the way down to 24.
  21. Yep that storm gave many places that do not usually get snow a big one. We need another one to take that exact track. We have not had a major snowstorm that hit the Carolinas from the mountains to the eastern piedmont since 1988. It has been either the mountains or the peidmonts of both states since then, but not both from the same system. Not even the superstorm did it.
  22. Way behind where I am. Got a couple of flakes and that is it. Hopefully the next storm takes the Jan 2000 track even though that leaves most of this board out. The Raleigh area folks on the board would love it though.
  23. They live and die by the models just like everyone else I guess. Maybe only the NWS needs access to them.
  24. Maybe the models do not need to be made public. Only govt agencies and TV mets should have access to them.
  25. GOT to have cold air in place. Depending on the cold getting south of I-85 while an event is in progress NEVER works out. Not even if every single model in the world shows it. It WILL NOT happen.