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  1. This band in charlotte is really messing up the roads. They were mainly clear but are now Covered and it’s pouring snow-plaza Midwood area
  2. The snow is coming down harder now than during the "lulls" we had earlier with the tiny flakes when we had overhead precip on the radar.
  3. Still snowing here in Myers Park, Charlotte. Albeit only a light-light/mod now. Interesting considering there is no precip over us according to radar.
  4. Still nothing but rain in downtown Charlotte
  5. Light rain at the moment in Downtown Charlotte.
  6. Huge lurker here. I love reading all of your input and thoughts. This storm was amazing to watch unfold. It did break my heart to watch it go bad for me. I will prob never look at model forecasts the same. Good lesson. I hope RDU and the triad get a foot.
  7. I'm right near Pineville in South Charlotte. Ive seen everything from snow at first, to sleet, to rain, back to sleet/rain, now back to snow. Crazy storm. May not get the big totals, but it's so fun to watch. Hopefully we can get under some good bands of snow and get that 4-5 inches.