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  1. If it were to slow down even more or stall (as we've seen with other Hurricanes) could that have a significant impact on the current track?
  2. Fwiw- TWC is calling for 86 mph wind gusts for Charlotte and 76 for Atlanta Monday night. Seems a bit high but maybe I am missing something.
  3. I was coming over to here to pretty much say the same exact thing. All these people who cling to each run like it's set in stone. Yes, there is some consensus amongst the models but that's going to change with each run.
  4. If there were playing a drinking game where you had to take a shot every time a model flip-flopped, we'd be in some serious trouble. The models still have a lot to iron out over the next few days.. that's more obvious than ever right now. Got a long ways to go still.
  5. I don't really post that often on here anymore, but I felt I needed to post something regarding some of the other users. I find it really annoying and somewhat irresponsible how some users constantly post about "this storm won't do this" or "I don't see it hitting SC or GA, but I see it hitting NC." And yet, you have nothing to back up your information with, except it being your location. Can we please stop this tomfoolery? For people who come on here for vital information, it's very confusing to them. I am no meteorologist, however I do know enough as to not pay attention to certain users. Other people don't though and that isn't doing anyone good. Having said all that... there are a lot of very insightful users on here who know their stuff. And to those people, thank you so much!
  6. Way too early to call a bust. Sun has been shining in Charlotte for the past 20 minutes, surface winds have also increased. Could be a bumpy ride later on.
  7. It's mystifying how severe weather seems so difficult to come by in the SE these days. You would think with a almost non existent wedge and the amount of sun I've seen today that surely we would have something to track.
  8. All these post about it being too cloudy or wedged in are driving me insane. As has been stated numerous times by the experts on here and even from Brad P, this is going to be a evening/overnight threat. Heck we may even see a few peaks of sun before the sun goes down in our neck of the woods. Thank goodness for the ignore button. I find it very, very useful.
  9. Sure maybe somewhat less of a threat, for now. But it's clearing just to the west of you. Calling it a bust though is somewhat irresponsible.
  10. The low level south winds are going to push this insitu wedge out by this evening.
  11. This is not a good look for The Southern Piedmont and SC, especially given the timing. I'm growing more concerned for us late Wednesday into Thursday then I was for today.
  12. I'm not on here that often but when I am its to learn and soak up information. You seem to post the same thing over and over about how dry it's going to be for the next 5 months with no back up once so ever. I don't understand how the mods allow you to keep posting the same nonsensical posts every time. There are a lot of good people on this site and to those I can't thank you enough for your insight and explanations on our weather.
  13. I was just about to post the same thing. Pretty much same story here, every time I hear a lull I quickly look to see if we've changed over. So far that really hasn't been the case. If I can get 2-4 inches, I'll be satisfied.
  14. I'm a good bit north of you by about 15 miles or so, so I may be on the cusp. I wish you luck down there in Union County, I hope you all get a last minute surprise.
  15. It's currently 32 still hearing lots of sleet but also what look like small flakes. Winds have picked up though in the past 10 minutes so I am wondering if the CC band that keeps being mentioned, is meandering it's way towards me?