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  1. You are the one who moved north, and on a ridge.
  2. We were close, parts of the region even had a decent year. The Enso was not really the problem as @psuhoffman pointed out, the pacific actually helped us for once we just could not get -NAO. If we had some Atlantic side help then we would most likely be singing the praises of last winter.
  3. I guess weather does follow state lines
  4. Saw some flurries outside from Oakton.
  5. Its funny in a sad way though, we spent months hoping for an storm progression just like this one and then it happens just a couple weeks too late for us. We even had a decent (not great) pattern for once and only got one medium event right as it started. Oh well, maybe next year we can get pacific help and blocking at the same time, and not whiff with that pattern.
  6. #perfect track rainstorm (for most of us anyways). Do you think some of the further east locations could of gotten something if this happened at 4am instead of near peak sun influence? At the very least the locations getting snow would probably have a couple inches of snow by this point.
  7. If only this was overnight, or ya know not in mid April.
  8. To the people getting some snow I would like to ask as a lowly low lander to see some pictures.
  9. Cannot wait for the infallible panel 26 to come out on top once again.
  10. Here is a picture of that, almost looks like twilight from the camera despite it being past 9.
  11. Was out in the new screened in porch watching the lighting to the south and the moon duck in and out of clouds while listening to some nice music. The moon is super bright tonight too. Anyways it was super nice out just sitting there, I would recommend
  12. Funny thing is that’s it’s not even like 300 hours away.
  13. Someone has to post the fantasy range GFS instead of doing classwork.
  14. Are you going to explain your views to us, I would be interested to hear them and try to explain my views to you.
  15. You are the one who moved up north.
  16. Would impact similar areas to the current tor warned cell too. Looks like it has weak rotation as well.
  17. Would of passed around 5 miles to the south, was dumping rain and pretty good lightning.
  18. Maybe a line of prefrontal showers popping up? Just had a brief downpour here.
  19. Had our first non filtered sun shine through. Already seeing more clearing sitting on the screened in porch.
  20. Definitely feels like the beginning of a possible severe weather day outside. Very humid, all we need is some sun.
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