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  1. What is up with the severe warning being up north instead if near the radar.
  2. Slowly getting closer, the gust front is about to arrive
  3. Also got a picture of the storm, no rainbow clouds for me but some nice sun rays.
  4. Lots of negativity in this thread based on good forecasters so instead lets all look at the CFS
  5. It did that yesterday too. Is there something about this type of airmass that makes models underestimate storm activity?
  6. My sister showed me that on tic tok and I cringed, had to tell her that snowmobilers might not be the best source out there.
  7. Over 6 inches of rain in July, the grass is crazy it never dries out.
  8. I thought you meant derecho, then I got hit with drought.
  9. As other posters have said the enso state is not everything, if anything you are complaining about our base climo which has never been good for snow. It’s like you expect every year to be a 2009-2010 and then get upset when it does look that way. This is all baring, of course, that it’s only July and our first snowfall is at least 4 months away. It’s ok to feel upset but this constant negativity is a bit much especially when winter is still so far away.
  10. A pretty good one tbh.
  11. Tons of rain and some wind + thunder. Some of the heaviest rain I’ve seen in a bit.
  12. Just canceled my end of year outdoor swim thing. At least I’m in AC now, the outflow was pretty cool though lots of wind.
  13. Looks like storms may be trying to refire of the dying storms outflow east of Winchester.
  14. But since we are we know to expect disappointment.
  15. Let’s get that slight over the mountains https://twitter.com/markellinwood/status/1550937404915204097?s=20&t=Wavx5hJSpM-SR3NYrDyl5g
  16. Now imagine that heat but you got to swim with roasting sessions in between. Whooo
  17. Best sunset I have seen there is even a rainbow
  18. Really looks like the line is trying to build back up as it goes through the suburbs.
  19. Some rotation on the cells behind the main line near front royal
  20. Looks like it’s trying to with the last frames. There are some greys and whites pixels mixed with the reds.
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