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  1. Still have 0.00" in the rain gauge, but I'll mark it as a T since I felt some drops.
  2. I'm up to 66.1, but the dews are stuck in the upper 40s. IAD is ~65/43.
  3. I don’t know how things can remotely go back to normal until there is some sort of mass child care. Even if my office opened, I’m home until June 13th with the kid anyway.
  4. There is a lot of guessing about how COVID-19 will affect certain industries long-term. I'm wondering if people here have already made conscious decisions to change their spending habits, even if it just seems like a minor thing. For my part: I had been toying with it for years and I finally buzzed my hair. Yeah, I'm never going back to Great Clips. I was never interested in ocean cruises, but would have contemplated a river cruise. Not a chance any longer.
  5. Are you attributing the drop in admits for heart attacks and strokes to people not getting treatment or to the change in lifestyle because of the closure?
  6. #2 is a massive part of this. The mostly unknowable question is whether the government response played a role. In other words, if business was allowed to go on as usual with minor restrictions, would we have seen: 1) more COVID cases, 2) more hospitalizations due to “life events” (eg. car crashes), 3) fewer cancellations of regular procedures, and 4) more people using ERs and hospitals for regular medical occurrences. And therefore, stressed hospital systems.
  7. To be fair, it is June 10th OR when canceled if you look at the wording.
  8. Daily reminder that the flu death counts are modeled. The coded counts are far less. Now, there is a ton of attention on COVID-19, so I don't think there is an extreme underreporting (other than what is already known) but the epidemiologists will certainly model COVID-19 after the fact and likely increase the death counts.
  9. Didn’t mean to suggest they were. Sorry. The numbers actually appear to be the case %s. They don’t readjust the %s for death or hospitalization, which is an obnoxious way of showing it.
  10. VA Dept of Health edit - there is a drop down menu mid-page where you can change from hospitalizations to deaths
  11. I don’t put any stock into flu death data. I think it is a convenient cause of death for many end-of-life situations. And they have to effectively guess at it anyway. This is dramatically different from the flu.
  12. It is interesting that the common refrain is that COVID-19 is a killer of old people, when it appears that it is far less skewed that way than the flu. At least in Virginia. COVID-19: Flu deaths (modeled, flu-related) - 25k for people 65+, 8.5k under 65.
  13. Not personally, but it really opens the eyes to how much of the economy is, for lack of a better term, optional. Nobody needs to go to restaurants, vacations, sporting events, concerts, etc. That is all part of the human experience, but it is truly non-essential.
  14. What are seasonal influenza-related deaths? Seasonal influenza-related deaths are deaths that occur in people for whom influenza infection was likely a contributor to the cause of death, but not necessarily the primary cause of death. Does CDC know the exact number of people who die from seasonal flu each year? CDC does not know exactly how many people die from seasonal flu each year.
  15. Of course, that's if we believe the flu number. For all of the discussion about coding COVID deaths, influenza has the same problem.
  16. Groan. Peak wind is 22mph today. Only about 45 mph less than what the Euro gave me.
  17. As an aside to the severe weather, just out the visible satellite to our west. W-E oriented horizontal rolls with N-S oriented terrain-induced gravity waves. Like a checkerboard.
  18. I like how the end of the line is laying flat enough to not reach down to 66. Ah, well, another day.
  19. I'm up to 76.1/70. Would like to see that Leesburg line build south, but not counting on it.
  20. Interesting cell out front of the line in MoCo. Keep an eye on that.
  21. That one is in really good range for TDCA.
  22. Base velocity. Green is toward the radar, red is away. Ignore everything else. What you are looking for is a small spot where the greens and reds are enhanced and right next to each other (the couplet, as many call it).
  23. Big drops, little wind at least over here in Falls Church. Only lost about two degrees. 68.0
  24. Not in the same way. The synoptic winds stayed elevated here. Any storms we get could mix down good winds, but that will be only in a scattered sense. The post-frontal wind should be breezy, but not anything special.