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  1. Definitely have been sitting in the cicada deathband for quite a while. Looking forward to the back edge!
  2. Even 50 degrees today will feel glorious without the pesky NW winds.
  3. Or Jason Garrett coaching for the Cowboys
  4. Some good sized snowflakes mixed with the rain
  5. Riding the line between moderate snow and sleet. When it switches back to snow it comes down hard
  6. Anyone who stays snow during the squall like feature should get 4+
  7. Still coming down very hard here. Over 2” so far
  8. Just saw the 12z 3K. It just joined RGEM in dropping 3-5 in Baltimore
  9. Easily the hardest snow of the year here
  10. Very light, fine flakes at the moment
  11. RGEM is going down in a blaze of glory. Keeps wanting to bullseye Baltimore
  12. Nice! Took the kids sledding at Big Truck in Parkton. I think I may of had more fun than them. It was freezing with that wind.
  13. At 180 it looks like the High gobbled up the low like pacman
  14. A no go for most, except for Losetoa and company
  15. And a Sunday High in the mid 30's
  16. Sort of like Field of Dreams: If you say it, it will come
  17. NAM says 33 and rain for Monday ICON shows a quick little burst of snow with a coating Monday
  18. I will also take the liquid variety on that Would love to see a nice burst of snow though. Interested to see any trends today.
  19. Light snow and sleet mix. Nice coating on top of the layer of ice
  20. Steady freezing drizzle with a temp of 29
  21. I measured about the same here
  22. I can confirm we had about 5 minutes of heavy snow. Now back to a sleet/snow mix
  23. Wow. Just looked out and it's a SN+ now
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