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  1. Marginal risk for much of the region on Wednesday.
  2. Anybody have any thoughts on this small area of 1000+ J/kg of CAPE and 1-2 STP in Southeast Michigan tomorrow? I saw it on the 18z HRRR, and now it's appearing again in the 0z HRRR. The NAM doesn't show anything quite as pronounced as the HRRR.
  3. That GFS run was quite dramatic. It looked a lot stronger but it also went much farther north. The 18 zulu run had Michigan at 30-40 degrees with 10 inches of snow, this run has 70 degrees with a possible severe threat? I think I'm gonna revisit this storm next week...
  4. New tornado warning just southwest of Ann Arbor.
  5. Debris ball on the storm about to head north of Flint, MI.
  6. Mesoscale Discussion for Lower Michigan. Severe thunderstorm watch possible.
  7. Both the RAP and the HRRR are pointing to the development of a new area of storm development for Indiana and Michigan. On satellite right now there is a large area of zero clouds and we still have about 2 hours left of surface heating. Will be interesting if this develops.
  8. I'm interested to see what the Day 3 Convective Outlook looks like.
  9. Wondering if DTX will upgrade Ice Warnings to Washtenaw and Wayne. Latest HRRR and the last NAM both show warning criteria ice totals.
  10. DTX AFD update mentions the possibility of an upgrade to warning.
  11. HRRR continues to show up to 0.5 inches of ice for Southeast Michigan.
  12. DTX AFD gives no mention of an upgrade to warning. Pretty odd considering most models show above warning criteria ice accumulation. I guess they may be worried about a bust? But for Southeast Michigan this freezing rain will come right before the Wednesday morning commute which makes me think a warning would have been the right call.
  13. 18z HRRR showing warning criteria for most of DTX county warning area.