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  1. geddyweather

    June 2019 General Discussion

    53 and rainy/misty here. NW winds gusting into the 20-30mph range. Just horrid. Won't even go into the record books or anything either because the morning high here was 63. Thank goodness for an almost automatic rebound tomorrow...
  2. geddyweather

    2019 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Thread

    https://twitter.com/Ryan_Wichman/status/1136351069041287170 That storm amazingly did, in fact, drop a tornado for a little bit. Minimal damage to a nearby farm (you can see the debris in the video). There ended up being multiple tornado warned storms as activity moved east into Cleveland's CWA, but nothing aside from this one was confirmed. I was able to get on the storm that trailed the Malinta storm. It ended up going tornado warned, and I was able to get some good structure shots from Benton Ridge, OH as it moved off to my SE. Wall cloud is faintly visible to the right of the power lines mid frame. You can kinda make out a meso structure as well.
  3. geddyweather

    May 27-29 Severe Potential

    Up to one EF4 and two EF3s in the greater Dayton area alone, plus an additional EF3 in Celina. I am curious to see if the Celina tornado gets an upgrade treatment or not, as it went through a relatively new subdivision (~5 years old) and caused considerable damage to well-built homes, so much so that people are wondering how well said "well-built" homes stuck to updated building codes. My guess is it holds its rank, but I wouldn't be totally shocked to see an upgrade too. One piece that stands out to me from the preliminary ILN write up on the Celina tornado: "One residence was completely lifted, with interior walls largely intact, from its foundation, and dropped in an adjoining field approximately 70 yards to the north-northeast. This residence was anchored to a cinder block foundation, with the upper level or two of blocks breaking from the rest under the force of the wind." Granted, cinder block foundation, but still...
  4. geddyweather

    May 27-29 Severe Potential

    EF3s confirmed in Celina, Trotwood, Beavercreek. Work now on going in the Dayton area to determine if there were multiple tornadoes or if it was just one continuous one. Also, haven’t seen a rating for the Brookville area yet, but they took a significant hit, as did the areas around Shiloh previously mentioned.
  5. geddyweather

    May 27-29 Severe Potential

    Been awhile since I’ve seen a TVS/TDS THAT vivid and well-defined in IN. North Manchester needs to be watching that. Likely a big tornado in there with little vis.
  6. geddyweather

    May 27-29 Severe Potential

    Starting to get warm sector development in C IN. Two cells between Lafayette and Kokomo.
  7. geddyweather

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    Looks to be doing just that.
  8. geddyweather

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    Pretty sure a large tornado just rolled right through Briarbrook Estates and Briarbrook Golf Course, just south of Carl Jct. Huge CC drop just now. Bad situation.
  9. geddyweather

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    Storm all alone west of Stillwater, OK just got a tornado warning.
  10. geddyweather

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    Cell north of OKC near Crescent has also been doing well. Low level rotation evident just not that strong yet.
  11. geddyweather

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    https://twitter.com/theweathermanda/status/1131278921373290496 I'm not sure if the SPC is too far off with this honestly. Check how much that 700mb layer has eroded... Cells merging north of Wichita Falls. Other showers trying to develop to the north, south, and east.
  12. geddyweather

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    Wow. Looks and sounds a little familiar. I think this is a good prognosis as of right now. That said, anything that can get going will definitely have the potential to do so in a big way (ala Mangum).
  13. geddyweather

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    A little bit of both. Soundings are produced from fixed locations, but are taken as a representation of the atmosphere for the general region. In this case, the sounding comes from the NSSL in Norman, OK, but can be viewed as a proxy for the state of the atmosphere over the OKC metro and surroundings. Whether or not lat/lon is included depends on who produces the sounding. Some give them, some don’t, but the location or launch site can be found in the upper right in most cases. And yes, that is a cap at 850mb. It’ll definitely influence the day, though it remains to be seen if the influence is positive or negative.
  14. geddyweather

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Went from solid 80s this weekend to 50 and slop for two days. Can we maybe...MAYBE lock in a seasonal pattern at the end of this week? PLEASE?
  15. geddyweather

    MAY 20, 2019 High Risk

    Yes and yes. This was especially disruptive in the first few hours of the event, when discrete convection was initially expected to blossom in the warm sector.