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  1. Bingo...that circulation has looked promising the last few scans.
  2. Tail-end Charlie might not be a bad place to be right now.
  3. May have been able to drop a quick one near Lily Chapel possibly. That was where the couplet seemed the strongest, as well as where law enforcement reported it. Warning cancelled as the storm has gusted out.
  4. Tornado Warning just SSW of Columbus. Nice little embedded sup in a multi-cell cluster. Radar indicated atm.
  5. URGENT - IMMEDIATE BROADCAST REQUESTED Tornado Watch Number 193 NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK 215 PM EDT Mon May 18 2020 The NWS Storm Prediction Center has issued a * Tornado Watch for portions of Eastern Kentucky Central and Southern Ohio * Effective this Monday afternoon and evening from 215 PM until 900 PM EDT. * Primary threats include... A couple tornadoes possible Isolated damaging wind gusts to 60 mph possible SUMMARY...Bands of storms including a few semi-discrete/embedded supercells aside from more prevalent bowing segments will continue to increase and organize within a moist environment ahead of an eastward-moving cold front.
  6. Sun is out here in western OH. Not exactly what I was thinking for today, but ok... Curious how this impacts the SVR aspects of the day. Not near the best wind profiles by any means but wonder if some extra instability could offset some things.
  7. Hoping it splits the middle between Purvis and Hattiesburg. Gonna be close. There is both an industrial area and a residential subdivision there NW of Purvis on Maps.
  8. The lead supercell along the WF in MS dropped what appears to be a trailing OFB, moving SE toward the free storms. Curious to see what the result of this interaction will be...
  9. Places around Dayton and Springfield reported thunder with the rain/mix/snow bands today. Wouldn’t be shocked to see more convective elements imbedded in this next round, like you mentioned.
  10. Getting "Giant Hail" on the hydrometer classification, along with 70 dBZ and a bottomed out diff. reflectivity. This is gonna be a mess with the wind no matter what the actual hail size is.
  11. That big-time hailer south of Lafayette is taking aim at the northern/eastern sides of Indy. Yikes.
  12. SPC thinking Srn MI has the best chance for discrete activity, and I tend to agree with them. Thinking the unidirectional wind profile plus rapid upscale development pushes this linear earlier than expected.
  13. 71/63 and Mostly Sunny imby, wind SSW at 12mph. Can I just say how AMAZING it is to have a clean warm sector for once?
  14. Aaaand there she is. 30% hatched for hail. Also leaves the 5% TOR along the OH/MI/IN border. Can't remember the last time we had such a widespread hail setup recently.
  15. Definitely could be one of those "sleeper days" for sure. I don't feel like the hodos exactly scream TOR potential, but think if any development can stay relatively discrete, there's a decent shot at seeing something drop. More headline-worthy to me is the hail threat. RAP has a widespread SHIP of 2 for most of the region by 21z. Not gonna lie, I thought the lapse rates were maybe a bit overdone a bit earlier in the week, but seeing many meso models with 8.0-8.5 on the day of is nuts. Throw in a WBZ at what appears to be around 8000-8500ft and the vertical wind shear and I would not be surprised if we see several big stones around the area today.