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  1. Mdecoy

    June Discobs Thread

    Meh, its bad don't get me wrong, but there is a breeze. Nothing compares to that heat we had a couple years ago where it was literally like walking into an oven. You couldn't walk 50 feet without AC without breaking a sweat. I got a full 300 feet just now and was still alright.
  2. Mdecoy

    June Discobs Thread

    I am ready, bring the heat! Just wish it hit this weekend and lasted till about Thursday.
  3. Mdecoy

    April Discobs Thread

    So I just want to say how insane the temp contrast is. 80's in mid Atlantic, and just several hour drive into upstate and we are talking snow and temps in the 20's My car temp in Delaware read 86 yesterday 24 hours later and after a 7 hour drive, its 24 out and its snowing where I am in Ticonderoga. This is just mind blowing. Today it was 80 in NYC, and 20's in upstate NY.
  4. Mdecoy

    April Banter

  5. Mdecoy

    April 2 Snow Event

    It was a decent year. We beat climo here. I have to take back all the complaints I had earlier in the year. Sure it was frustrating at times ( even you can agree there).... but somehow we pulled off Climo. Most people don’t have a right to say that this winter was terrible. It wasn’t. im going to leave it at that and wrap up my presence here till dec. unless there is some crazy out of the norm t storm
  6. Mdecoy

    April 2 Snow Event

    People are way too sensitive, all I said was it was a blown forecast. Which it was. That's not off topic or banter. The storm is over. It's April, it amounted to very little. Saying "it was a blown forecast" as a stated fact and people get offended over it is downright ridiculous. Now we can't even post facts if they are negative. Soon they will ban saying "the snow has turned to rain" as off topic banter and negative.
  7. Mdecoy

    April 2 Snow Event

    Fair enough, I think the disconnect here is I was pulling maps from around noon-3pm yesterday so it would have been before last nights update , where they slowly started to back off. I feel like anything less than 24 hours before game time they should have their stuff nailed down, and it just feels like an endless pattern of blown forecasts and last minute model haircuts (it happened with our March 20th storm as well). I guess it is just the nature of the beast.
  8. Mdecoy

    April 2 Snow Event

    This is simply not true. We were under a winter weather advisory, New Castle County. Where I reside. The txt forecast definitely said 1 to 3, also the zone forecast listed 2 inches for me, and in Maryland in Harford county for Bel Air, they listed 2-3, also under a WWA. Neither area saw so much as a flake. This was not "worst case" or anything of that nature. This was their forecast. This is fact, and its a shame I didn't save any of it. Also the txt mentioned, Monday morning commute impact, possible accumulation on the roads, one inch per hour with higher rates, was for my area. To their credit they did mention more up near the PA border, of course my house is only 8 miles from PA. Signs on I-95 yesterday read "winter storm tomorrow morning, be prepared" Millions of people see these. It was a blown forecast. I don't get why you have to get so offended over that. I am just stating a fact. Separate issue: I will agree that discarding the NWS and reading here would have been a more accurate depiction of events, and it was.
  9. Mdecoy

    April 2 Snow Event

    I agree with this. I didn't think anything of this event by last night. However the NWS did have my specific backyard in the 1-3 inch area. I guess I don't get the rush to absolve them of blame. Are you an employee there? A blown forecast is a blown forecast. That's all. When I screw up at my job, I get called on it too.
  10. Mdecoy

    April 2 Snow Event

    Ok, but that is still a blown forecast. a nowcast update by looking out the window/temps and radar doesn't absolve them of yesterday at noon saying "Inch per hour, heavy rates, roads could be covered, morning commute will be impacted by winter weather"
  11. Mdecoy

    April 2 Snow Event

    They said 1-3 We got rain. What a shocker.
  12. Mdecoy

    April 2 Snow Event

    Yeah, its like. Dear Winter, we could have used this in January and February. Now you are not welcome here. Go away.
  13. Mdecoy

    March Discobs Thread

    Holy moly I was driving in Baltimore on 695 and the sky just opened up with snow. It is was 46 degrees out. I've never experienced something that. The snow even stuck to the existing piles.
  14. Looksing at the Radar right now looks kind of miller B ish, I know we had ours earlier, but can't help but thinking Jersey shore will score those higher totals while we watch.