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  1. Ridiculous to cancel over this. Portland is open, everywhere else is closed. -SN 33F, great flakes and good growth here in PWM
  2. Is this the thread for municipal topography discussions? Asking for a friend....
  3. 1.5" new snow and .15 LE from today's "event" here in South Portland, ME
  4. 5.75" total new .86 LE First snow of the season in South Portland, ME
  5. 30/18, not a flake in the sky (yet). I'm expecting 2-3", we take for 11/15 South Portland ME
  6. Sounds right to me. I really don't understand the flip flopping from them. Perhaps @OceanStWx will enlighten us at some point.
  7. Would someone be so kind as to explain the one-eyed pig, and the impact it has on our wx when it shows up in AK. Please and thanks.
  8. Surprised to see pingers in South Portland... 40.5*
  9. What kind of trees? I put some spruce & arbor vitae in the ground this time last year, and they did fine. Had some minor winter burn on the south side, but with water and hollytone in the spring they bounced back. I know your climo and soil conditions are different than mine, but I expect they'd do ok. Especially since the ground is wet. My winter burn was caused, in part, by dry soil heading into the winter.
  10. I'm in for South Portland, ME Thanks!
  11. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at1+shtml/092646.shtml?inundation#contents
  12. 2.48 overnight here, about time we got some siggy rains
  13. Next time you visit Maine I'll buy you a pint or 2
  14. Most of their beers are highly overrated, just like Bissel. Congrats on getting suckered by good marketing and hazy hues. Julius and Very Green are good, and their Stouts have all been great. Haze, Hurricane, Super Typhoon are trash.
  15. Gotcha. Not a huge area, my south-facing back yard has a few spots where seed never took when the original owners planted their lawn. The overall area (of concern) is about 200-300 square feet, with 4-6 inch bare spots interspersed between. No concerns about it over-taking other grass.
  16. This is great info, thank you. Sounds like exactly what I'm looking for, although being on the coastal plain I do have less snow cover than lava, and with that do get some early and late season frosts. Did you use that step-on planter thing? Thanks again!
  17. What time of year did you plant the plugs? Where did you buy them from?
  18. I just started reporting my data this summer. Am I supposed to report on days with no measurable precip? I did it on the handful of days when there was measurable precip in the county, but none IMBY. Curious about the days when the radar was clear all day.
  19. 5.02 for comparison for the same time range (does not include tonight's total, which should end up being around .60-.70.)