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  1. Its actually what should have been expected by anyone there. The writing was on the wall days before the storm arrived that there was a high likelihood of a catastrophic failure to the power grid.
  2. he has not responded to my texts
  3. Looks like a rough few weeks in NOLA, however the city got what was expected and the impacts were as such .
  4. I don’t even remember Laura outside of a picture of a building with its windows blown out
  5. About time we get a storm that has been able to get decent on land wind obs
  6. That was the potentially the only thing that would have made this storm interesting.
  7. oh cool another north gulf coast or Texas storm boring
  8. some of the worst street flooding I have seen in several years here. should probably clear 10” by midnight with the activity building up and about to move in off the ocean
  9. it stopped raining for now just under 8” with most of that falling in a little over 2 hours
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