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  1. tropical tornadoes aren’t typically strong unless you live in a mobile home there is zero cause for concern
  2. Water rise looks to have been under 1foot on the inter coastal .
  3. it’s really hot outside with a nice breeze sustained 32mph with gusts to 37 atm. Almost no rain outside of the outer band that moved through around 7pm
  4. best beaches in Florida are between Stuart and Juno
  5. it’s a really nice day wind has picked up where I can no longer light a joint on the beach. conditions warrant vaporizer use only .
  6. but that shit is boring seen it so many times.
  7. air is really dry outer bands approaching coast look more like outflow boundary induced convection versus tropical cyclone bands
  8. I'm headed to my office in Jupiter in a few. just removing important documents and doing some odds and ends there. I'm not planning putting up shutters and its east of ALT A1A.
  9. Nice morning. Let’s see if the water rises by tomorrow. I’m on the inter coastal between south Hutchinson island and Stuart. Neighbors that are going to have the pounding East winds have pulled their boats. Some that are more protected in the cove have left them so far. No shutters on any home Let’s do this .
  10. who thinks this makes landfall on the Florida coast and where? and for those looking for weather stations and cameras for the storm check out the weather stem app. Martin County EOC has quite a few weather stations and cams set up including one beachfront on south Hutchinson island. It’s pretty close to my actual location in Sewalls point.
  11. nice breeze started around 4pm. The haziness from the SAL also went away around the same time. looking forward to rain bands on the metal roof overnight