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  1. Yup you can see them on Google maps in satellite view. LGA too. You can actually leave a review for the Central Park one lol. Lower Manhattan Wall St/Heliport one as well.
  2. Tremont/Van Nest, Bx is 99 and Corona, Qns is 98. I almost always mirror Tremont but I'm 93 in a still pretty wet backyard. Was a pool to now just very moist.
  3. To estimate snow cover I always assumed.
  4. Up to 90 dew 72 HI 99. NWS upping there forecast low to 82 tonight
  5. There are blocks where nearly every basement is flooded. Worst since Ida
  6. Things quickly go downhill north of 125 St. Travel by car or train is a mess. Anyone with a basement say a prayer for it. Road closures and flooding/down trees on subway tracks. It's been dry as hell but a run of the mill t storm would of been fine.
  7. 3.07" and heavy rain again
  8. I hearing reports of flooding uptown too. There was flooding from the early morning storms already before this round. I-95 from north of Newark to CT been getting it today. Meanwhile haven't seen a drop in Lower Manhattan. You can see on Google maps standstill traffic centered around GWB, Upper Manhattan, Bronx, sound shore side of Westchester Yday I was marveling at how dry and brown it was looking.
  9. T storms keep coming today. Multiple downpours moving over the same area. Close to 2" Nearly steady temps since sunrise 75 dew 74.
  10. Crazy torrential downpour, it's been a while. Finally getting real rain, had .09 for the month until this am.
  11. I'm at Long Beach today and it was nice avoid storms all day, first driving through heavy rain in northern Queens to seeing a storm pass just north then the east of here. Also the water is quite warm now.
  12. Well that settles that. I'm at 90, 6th of the month
  13. 89 at 2pm..they should easily at this point, but this is around the time they sometimes flatline or drop slightly while the rest keep climbing. Dry periods are the few times they keep up better with surrounding stations so I think they will..
  14. Maybe Central Park can get to 90 tomorrow and establish a heat wave
  15. I've found it remarkable the frequency of dew points in the 50s, even 40s still. It's not like temps are averaging well below normal. I think that's what creates the muted summer feel to some people, more so than a lack of extended heat waves. It can be a hot summer here even with only occasional 90s but not when you're still getting multiples days of 50 degree dews into mid July. At least compared to recent memory
  16. Heavy rain and intense hail storm in lower Manhattan. Windows getting bombarded with mostly hail. At least at high rise level. I see it bouncing and acclumating on the roofs of shorter buildings.
  17. 90 dew 49. a crisp 90 if that's possible.
  18. Temp and humidity had a mini spike last hr or so here. 94 dew 72. Micronets nearby did the same thing. It's sunny, but it's been sunny for a while anyway so curious as to why, or maybe no particular reason at all.
  19. 90 dew 69, 3rd straight (90, 96, 90)
  20. Partly sunny 86 dew 70, after a low of 79.
  21. A t storm just south of south st seaport is causing pandemonium with flying umbrella and flying broken glass on the piers for happy hour. Pouring in Bk with drizzle sunshine and powerful winds by Fulton
  22. In today's case there's more clouds and storms around DC so they not reaching their full potential. The park probably shouldn't be the same as an overcast DCA. A late push and I'm up to 96.
  23. 94 dew 67. Yday was 90..maybe avoid enough storms to sneak in a 90 tomorrow for a heat wave. Dew point is down a little at least.
  24. Temp took off..93 here, probably helped by a dry as hell backyard
  25. Are we close to any record low high temps today? Last unseasonably cool day we avoided it with midnight high temps, but we don't have that today
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