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  1. You got that right. Labor Day is incoming in about 4 weeks. Memorial weekend and the 4th were abominations. Labor Day is incoming in 4 weeks. What do ya think? 3 for 3?
  2. Need sanitizing acid cleaning
  3. It was 101 on my rental car thermo earlier. Probably a little high. I think we were around 97. Heat index 104. Im back home Saturday night. Sunday looks good. Low 80’s?
  4. Why? I’m not being facetious or a smart a$$. I’m actually interested. I’ve looked at everyone running and out of all of them she’s the only one I’d vote for if I had to, I think.
  5. I don’t agree with your stance, but I’m not a moderator.
  6. By the way, UMB Wx is on my ignore list too, so don’t bother.
  7. Lol. I have OSU on ignore, but I can’t seem to not see when people add his quotes. BTW OSU, it does no good to respond to me because I’ve had you on ignore for weeks.
  8. Anytime politics come into play, there's friction. But I’ll just point out which side hurls the most personal insults and name calls.
  9. That’s where you and I disagree. Your job is to get rid of the personal insults and blatant trolling. Your job is NOT to moderate others opinions. You can as part of your perceived responsibility to challenge someone. If somebody post that vaccines cause dementia, by all means ask them to show the data where that’s a possibility (they can’t by the way) but to censure that is wrong, IMO. But by all means get rid of the insults.
  10. Why do you bother? The more you engage, the more she just trolls you.
  11. That’s why you should ignore her. She’s a troll
  12. That’s why she should be ignored. She wants attention and sone people here give it to her.
  13. Your opinion. Not any more valid than anyone else’s.
  14. Is there a mosquito in here? Where’s my bug zapper.
  15. Just read over it. Don’t like someone, put them on ignore. I have several on ignore including that trixy person. She’s a vile name caller. The stuff she posts is what needs to be moderated. DIT saying vax causes dementia is stupid, but it’s not nasty and vile. And it might be far right drivel to you, but what sone people post here is far left drivel to me. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.
  16. I’ll agree with you there. But I think the majority can see what that is and just and ignore it.
  17. Just because one person doesn’t like another’s opinion doesn’t mean it doesn’t have validity. Put 10 PhDs in a room and you can find 10 opinions on something. We have knock down drag outs at science conferences all the time over data interpretation and we’re all looking at the same thing. Science is messy. And I hardly think the mods on this site have any expertise to parse out what’s valid or not. It’s a discussion thread.
  18. I like the info. It’s what people are talking about. What I can do without is the “winger” comments and the name calling. The New England folks are ok. Jay and Phin get into it, but for the most part that’s benign. But the name calling and personnel insults need to stop. It’s generally caused by you know who. When that person shows up, that’s when it goes to shyte. The old thread we had was ok, I thought. Moderate it a little, but there is going to be some people who get into it with each other. But what’s unacceptable is the personal insults.
  19. Can you read?? I said some, not the norm.
  20. The numbers I looked at for comparison were around the first 10 days of February. So the vax hadn’t been out long. Maybe the nursing homes were pretty far along.
  21. Looking at the curves, I think s lot of states are just about there. Louisiana looks to be about to break over. Lot of states curves right now aren’t as steep as the last wave. I also see the 7 day average of cases is around 100,000. Deaths are around 500 a day. The last time cases were at 100k per day, deaths were running 3000 a day. This surge is clearly different. It’s either the vaccines, or delta isn’t as deadly. Probably a combination of both.
  22. It’s an employee mandate, not “customers”.
  23. I dunno, I don’t think so. I could be wrong. But it’s been 7 weeks since the cases started going up and we should have seen an increase in deaths. So far it hasn’t happened. But yea, let’s see what happens in 3 weeks. I think cases start to fall.
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