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  1. Biden cant find a napkin to wipe the drool off his chin.
  2. I haven’t seen more than 2 years. Most that go that long are dementia patients.
  3. We halted the “return to work” initiative that was supposed to be in place by Labor Day. That got pushed off to mid/late October. But with the holidays, it’ll be pushed back until winter, then another surge will occur, and that will get pushed to spring. So 2 full years at home.
  4. It’s only activated on the second dose
  5. So at work today, we all sat at our little desks with a mask down around our chins and pulled them up when we got up to get coffee, bathroom, etc. 80 seats on our floor and 10 of us were up there today. Average distance was about 10 feet to our closest other person. At lunch 6 of us went to the lunch area on the floor, took our masks off, ate lunch and talked for 45 minutes, got up, through away our trash and put our masks back in to work. We all laughed our ass off at how ridiculous it was. And we’re all vaxed
  6. Only time I ever got yelled at in HD was by some customer that screamed “MASK MASK MASK” at me.
  7. I’m gonna roast next week in Dallas. 98/78 every day.
  8. Stein, Stein, everywhere there’s Stein.
  9. My local HD never enforced it last time. I’ve already quit my local service station over it.
  10. That’s not true. Hospice care doesn’t mean you’re in a facility. It can get extended for several 6 month intervals.
  11. We’ve never done widespread testing for the flu using PCR like this. Ever
  12. We could talk about local sportsball teams 5 game slide.
  13. The home depot around here never enforced it the last time. But ill be going to lowes. they dont require customers wear one. Ill be patronizing businesses that dont require it.
  14. Ive seen that movie at least 7 times. At sone point we’ll all have to go in a sterilizing room and get all our hair and top layer of skin burned off sans the hood they got to wear.
  15. Baker just mandated all employees and contractors at long term care facilities have to be fully vaxed by October 10th.
  16. I have it in both vehicles and a house account on my Russound/Casa Tunes system.
  17. You have to go. We need a field report
  18. Depends on what it is. A scientific enterprise thrives on daily interaction and face to face working together. We’ve found it very difficult to build a team environment thats needed to do good science and drug discovery on zoom.
  19. Yes. The company wants them back, but the policies are just making them stay home. I could work from home at least 2days a week, maybe 3. It my lab folks are there everyday. I’d be a pretty shitty boss if I just sat on my butt at home because I didnt want to wear a mask but made them come in since they can’t do lab work from their couch.
  20. Lol. Dude, we have PhD scientists that manage projects and people who I haven’t seen in person in 17 months. We have a campus of 3000. On any given day there MIGHT be 200 scattered across 10 buildings across eastern Massachusetts.
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