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  1. If you look at other countries where delta peaked, it took 7-8 weeks from valley to peak then the drop. If it holds here, which I think it will, we should peak around the first week of September, lat week of august.
  2. I actually don't have a huge problem with it, on some base level. I just think the CDC's metric needs to include hospitalizations and deaths. To make a blanket 50 case per week average/100k without the other being a part of any metric for restriction recommendations penalizes areas with low deaths, low hospitalizations, and high vax rates. It makes zero sense to have the same recommendations in Massachusetts as compared to Louisiana just because both states are above the same case threshold when the hospital and death metrics are completely 180 degrees different.
  3. Most are following the CDC guidelines, mis-guided as they are. I talked to someone this morning at my work whos in the know so to speak. We did it for a CYA legal thing as much as anything. else.
  4. More evidence that cases are uncoupling.
  5. That was from the P-town data. those people were packed together like sardines. And from what I've been able to hear, the amount in the nose went down really fast in the vaxed (the viral particles didn't infect the cells of the airway, that's what that data tells me). Doenst mean much if its "in the nose". It needs to actively infect the airway to be readily transmissible over time.
  6. Breakthrough is different than being able to transmit at any significant level
  7. That "cant prevent transmission" is garbage science. Its based on the P-town event. Which, as has been discussed, shouldn't be used to make nationwide policy. Most vaxed people don't have enough viral load to spread it anywhere. However, that last sentence in her statement is what's being used to push more people to get vaxed through pressure. But as long as there are unvaxed people, the vaxed can spread it (BS), so we all have to wear the face diapers and undergo restrictions. What they are doing is using the restrictions on the vaxd so we'll put pressure on the rest of the population to get a shot so we can get out of the face diapers. As long as the CDC keeps that narrative and the metrics of cases instead of deaths and hospitalizations, we'll be masked in certain locations forever. It's all sick game at this point.
  8. Just pointing out stare decisis doesn’t always work out.
  9. Just because the court made a ruling in 1905, doesn’t mean it was correct. Ever heard of Plessy v Ferguson? Can you tell me what that was and what case overturned it? No google cheat.
  10. Same in Massachusetts. There’s about 230 in the hospital out of 18,000 beds in the states. Deaths have been flat for 2 months. Right now we’re at about 1000 positives per day and 2 deaths a day on a 7 day average. Back in April of 2020, the peak back then, there were 2000 positives per day, 4000 in the hospital and 200 deaths a day. Very different place than today. Yet the hospitalizations and deaths play no part in the CDC metrics for their current guide lines. It’s all cases. Why?
  11. What I wouldn’t give for a couple weeks of sunny
  12. There’s no local sports ball team game on tonight. They got pounded this afternoon. So this is the entertainment tonight.
  13. And the CDC director is from Boston. Of all people she should know what the situation is out there. Maybe she’s sheltered and has no idea. But somebody should have pulled her aside and clued her in.
  14. Yes. To use the p- town situation to make policy for the whole US is irresponsible.
  15. After 10 seasons, we just cancelled our subscription to the Hanover’s Broadway series. The theater is requiring masks this season so we decided to take a walk.
  16. (Said Butthead) Uh,, huhuhuh You thought he was serious.. (Said Beavis) yea, hehehe.
  17. lol Put “people of” and drop the “Ed” and it’s fine.
  18. I can deal with stuff that makes sense. This doesn’t. And like Taunton said, it’s the metric most of us have issue with. Totally based on cases, period.
  19. I know who you blame. But that’s somewhat misguided blame. This new CDC guideabce is based on P-town, almost exclusively. They did it because there were vaxed people in p-town that picked up virus in the nose at levels seen in unvaxed. Never mind the vaxed weren’t symptomatic or had a sniffle. Never mind the hospitalization numbers were a grand total of 7 with no deaths. They blatently used an event that had so many caveats to basically make a federal mandate. They new business would react just to keep lawsuits at bay. You can blame the unvaxed all you want but this was really based on vaxed people getting what amounts to a cold and pushing us toward a zero Covid policy. My company is 80% vaxed. Unvaxed we’re required to wear a mask and do a once a week Covid test. But yea, let’s put masks back on the rest of us 8 hours a day. It didn’t affect 75% of the rest of the company because they let them sit on their fat ass at home on zoom while the lab workers and managers are at work pushing new drugs through the pipeline that keeps the company a float.
  20. Tell that to the millions of employees who’s company’s imposed mask mandates the last couple of days. Workers across the country are required to wear one. People can choose not to patronize a business if they require it for customers, but for all these employees, myself included, that wear one day in and day out, life isn’t normal. I was talking with a couple of coworkers today, and we do t see how the masking ends now for employees. As long as the CDC metrics for mask recommendations stay where they are and based just on cases, it’ll never end. 50 positives per 100,000 on a weekly average basis is a recipe for forever masking.
  21. Good for you. With the exception of the last few weeks, some of us have done it for the last 14 months and counting.
  22. Most of the people who say they don't mind a mask do not sit in the office all day with their face covered up breathing through that thing with their glasses so fogged they cant see shyte. When you have to wear one 5 days a week, 8-9 hours a day straight, then we can talk. Because that's where me and my folks are at. And 90% of the rest of the company is sitting home on their couch calling in on zoom. We had a lot of people back in since the end of May when the order was lifted. Yesterday and today, if you able to count to 20, you can count the number of people I've seen today. And 8 of those are my department and that's only because i have 2 out on vaca..
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